The Does-It-All Lip Liner


Unlike the magnetism of a revolutionary liquid liner or a non Oompa-orange bronzer, it's difficult to get excited about lip liner. Like face primer, toner, and all the other do-you-really-need-it products (a topic we'll address soon), I've never been loyal.

But as my beauty wardrobe gains momentum with achingly bold and bright lip colors in every texture under the sun, I've come to understand that lips need as solid of a foundation as the face does. A stronger, more defined line not only enhances bone structure and symmetry, it also prevents feathering, smudging, and the dreaded lipstick-on-teeth moment. Hear ye, makeup gods, I found a lip liner worth worshiping—Too Faced Perfect Lips liner.

Featherlight texture, crazy-high pigment, and insane durability characterize the quartet of nude, pink, spice, and red. I barely touch my lips with the swivel stick and get full coverage! Nude works with most every lip color—start with this if you're new to lining. If you're searching for a red lip's soul mate however, snag Perfect Red. It's a true, deep crimson and pairs with practically every kind of red lipstick.

I've worn these liners all day in the office, out for dinner, and running around town, and they simply do not budge—sometimes it's even difficult to wipe it off before bed. Hey Too Faced, thanks for this stroke of genius!

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