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Kiehl’s Favorite Beauty Product Gets A Pop Art Makeover


This season, skin care favorite Kiehl’s is bringing color to the holidays with a new look for their line created by legendary pop surrealist artist Kenny Scharf. Kenny has plastered bottles of the brand’s best-selling Creme De Corps body lotion with his latest work Globo Mundo, in addition to developing a limited run figurine of his well known character “Squirt.” The artwork is classically Scharf—a mural of swirling faces and rainbow characters giving us enough bathtime entertainment to wrinkle all 10 of our fingers. Who ever thought we’d turn to an artist to add a little interest to our shower caddy?

Kenny has been creating art for decades and is famous for being a key player in the pop surrealist movement of the eighties, alongside icons such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. By purchasing a limited edition bottle of Kenny Scharf Creme De Corps this season, you’ll not only support an amazing cause—you’ll keep the art movement alive! 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the coveted creams will go to benefit over 40 children’s causes around the world including RxART, a nonprofit committed to engaging young hospital patients through contemporary art. How often is a lotion as good for the world as it is for your skin?

We were thrilled to take a timeout with Kenny Scharf to talk beauty and the inspiration behind Kiehl’s latest look.

B: Describe the world of Kenny Scharf? What inspires it?

I look for the beauty in everyday life. Mostly I find beauty in nature. My world is filled with color and form. I find emotion and personality in everything from rocks, to cars, to flowers, to people. Beauty means something special and wonderful.

B: What excites you most about collaborating with Kiehl’s?

I'm happy to do this project with Kiehl’s because not only was it fun to do, it looks great on the products and it raises money for children's charities. I love the Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative products with argan oil the most!

B: Tell us about your and Kiehl’s relationship to RxArt. What makes this charity so special and why the decision to work with it?

I've always given back where I could, and I love how RxArt helps pair the art and medical communities. I’ve donated artwork for RxArt’s fund-raising coloring books in the past, and it was great to work with them on a larger level by teaming with Kiehl’s.

B: Global Mundo is beautiful—how did you derive the name and come up with the “Squirt” concept?

Globo Mundo means “World World.” It also alludes to globs and blobs which is the basic imagery in the painting. I think it looks juicy and wet like lotions and creams.It's always fun to see my work living off the canvas and entering the world of design. I thought “Squirt” looked like a fun dollop of squirted creme!

B: Last words of advice for young creatives?

Do it!

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