Kaleidoscopic! 3 New Rainbow Lipstick Lines


Forget pink, red, and nude, it’s time for your lipstick choices to make a statement! Violet, mint, and blueberry are the shades to rock on your lips, and there’s a lineup of brands delivering exquisite formulas and tones to choose from. We discovered three companies that are are making us excited to boast a bold lip.

The LipBar

As conditioning and moisturizing as regular lipstick formulations, these multi-hued lip colors come in daring shades such as electric blue, black, and forest green. 



Sweetpea & Fay

Besides the adorable packaging, these cruelty-free, pigment/gloss hybrids coat on a thick layer of handcrafted color. From pastel mint and rose shades to royal blue and sunshine yellow, you’ll want to collect them all in your makeup case.

Ka’oir Cosmetics

Another major contender in the standout lipstick stakes, Ka’oir presents traditional colors such as burgundy and pink with almost every color of the rainbow spectrum. Looking for special effects? The line even carries metallic silver and gold lipstick.

Featured Brands