5 Mini Nail Polishes We Love


There’s just something about makeup minis that we can’t get enough of! Aside from the obvious cute factor, I think it’s the fact that they give us an excuse to indulge our inner product hoarders. Mini nail polish is something that makes so much sense to stock up on—think about how rarely you get to the bottom of a particular bottle, even if you totally love it. For us, with nail color options, more is more!

Here are some of our favorite minis of the moment—all great holiday gift ideas for mani-pedi aficionados. Everything featured is either 3-, 4-, or 5-free and comes with a brush with regular-sized bristles. Admittedly, the small handles are slightly tricky to grip, but these picks are designed to still give you easy-enough application.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis

$2.99 each (0.11 fl. oz. / ~3.25 ml)

For less than the price of a latte, you can pick up one of these bottles and be on your way to a high-shine mani or pedi that really lasts. With a base and top coat, I got about a full week with no chips, and the formula went on smooth and bubble-free. Not too shabby for a drugstore product! There are 12 holiday-perfect glitzy metallics in The Limited Edition Capitol Collection, inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (the movie hits theaters November 22), along with everyday options like Pink Lady, an ideal bubblegum hue.

OPI Neon Revolution Set

$19.95 for 6 (0.125 fl. oz. / ~3.7 ml)

What’s not to love about a true novelty set that’s all about having fun? We suggest using the included color-intensifying white base coat to get a more opaque, megawatt application. It really helps to bring out the polishes’ electric quality. Of the four in the set, The Time Is Pow!, a highlighter orange, has the most neon power. And it must be said that any polish collector will adore these teeny tiny versions of the classic OPI bottles (the epitome of cuteness!).

Jenna Hipp What’s Hot Now Nail Collection

Set of 12, $14.99 at Costco / Costco.com (0.16 fl. oz. / ~4.75 ml)

Leave it to Jenna Hipp, renowned green celebrity nail artist who collaborated on the sought-after HIPPxRGB collection, to make the most impeccably designed minis. The wide, flat brushes make application extra easy, and everything from the bottle shape to the label typography gives the polishes a high-end feel. This box comes with 12 on-trend colors, including pastels, jewel tones, glitters, and metallics—our favorites are Private Getaway, a pink-y hot red, and Hashtag, an almost-neutral soft peach.

Hard Candy Ombre Color Waves 5 Piece Nail Color Set

$4.88 for 5 (0.1 fl. oz. / ~3 ml)

Five sparkly, festive shades in bottles with equally glitzy caps to match. This set is so much fun, and such a steal at $4.88! Because the tones are complementary, you can even try one color on each nail for a mix-and-match look, and it’ll come out looking fun and sophisticated, not tacky.

Delush Polish Minis

$4.50 each (0.17 fl. oz. / 5 ml)

Flipping through the Delush Polish’s massive catalogue of distinctive colors, it’s immediately apparent this is an artisan brand. Indeed, Adrianna Gonzalez, founder and CEO of the Boston-based brand, hand-blends and individually pours every single bottle, minis included! There are tons of textured options you won’t quite find anywhere else, like Honey Pie, Sugar Bunch, a baby pink that’s subtly speckled with white, pink, blue, and purple glitter and dots.

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