The Craziest Celebrity Nails


Celebrities love to stand out, and their nails certainly don't get to escape the spotlight. Let these quirky nail designs inspire you.

Ke$ha knows that nail charms are huge right now. Apply them to the tips of your nails so that they dangle off. (If you spend a lot of time typing, you may want to skip this one!)

Fergie shows off dagger-like nails with an upside-down French manicure. When you do this at home, use contrasting colors to achieve the best effect.

Katy Perry is always doing something different, and her diamanté-encrusted nails are like mini disco balls.

Rihanna's bright-yellow smiley-face nails put smiles on our faces!. If you want to make an impact, take a cue from her!

Images courtesy of Seventeen & NailDesigners