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Why Would A Brunette Dye Her Brows?


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Why would a brunette dye her brows?

When it comes to arches, I've always considered myself pretty low maintenance. I get my brows professionally shaped about once a year and keep up the tweezing myself the rest of the time. Because my hairs are naturally dark, I never thought I would need to dye them. That is, until I met makeup artist Karen Scott, who runs a boutique cosmetics studio at the Salon Republic in Los Angeles. After a quick tweeze and trim, Karen pulls out the brow dye (a special formula specific for brow hair) and that's when I take notice. Who knew that as a brunette, I would need to dye my brows darker?

Brows are just like the hairs on your head. "When you dye your brows, the pigment coats the hairs and makes them look thicker," explains Karen, who only darkens the inner corner and outer tail of my brows to add definition. The dye only takes a few seconds to work and as quickly as she's applied the formula, Karen is wiping it off. Now just a touch of brow gel is enough to give me a sculpted look, no pencil or filling in necessary. While the effect is subtle, it does help bring out my eyes. I would imagine that this service would be especially effective on lighter hair tones, which Karen recommends filling in with taupe pencil if you don't use dye. "Taupe is my go-to color for filling in all brows, from blonde to redhead and brunette. You just want to add a shadow to define the shape, and taupe looks the most natural," says Karen. At $30 total for the tweeze, trim, and dye job, Karen's brow package is very affordable. Who knows, I may even go back next month for a touch up, instead of next year.

What do you think Beauties? Would you try coloring your brows?