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A True Winter Wonderland Makeup Collection


Fairy-tales and fables have seeped into a host of makeup collection as of late; from Lime Crime's unicorn queen packaging and Sephora's Cinderella beauty collection to Rouge Bunny Rouge's entirely fantasy-based brand. Paul & Joe are no strangers to the trend, ultimately renowned for their fanciful prints and charming illustrations (have you seen their cat collection?!). This winter is no exception. Their three-piece Eye and Lip Balm set celebrates the flora and fauna of our favorite stories—a new take on an icy, evergreen Wonderland.

We've obsessed over the trio of illustrated vintage-style tins, but the contents inside are as beautiful to work with. A split pan of pearl and beige-gold mimics the reflective texture of sun on snow, while the velvet bark shadow provides definition on the lash line without turning harsh. The pink, floral mint-scented balm—deer we say cuter than our staple Smith's Rosebud Salve—leaves our lips feeling dewy and hydrated, ready to take on any weather changes the universe decides to throw our way.

It's a storybook makeup collection for a blustery cold day in front of the fire. Coze up on the couch with your new look and a cup of cocoa, and get to reading that holiday classic you've been waiting to crack open.

Paul & Joe Eye Color and Lip Balm Set, $60, available November 2012 at

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