Summer Vanity Inspiration


After spring cleaning, your organized stash needs a touch of style. Beautylish shows you some of our favorite summer vanity ideas.


We're swooning over this clean yet diverse arrangement. The large white square trays make the perfect blank canvas to show off your pretty stash. Plates used for hair and jewelry display are both functional and stylish, while photos, art, and sculpture add whimsy and personality to the space. Choose a neutral color palette and use color and texture minimally for pop. Plus, who doesn't want a gold piglet sitting on their vanity?


Does your unframed mirror bring down your vanity area? With a little creativity and time, you can customize your very own mirror ornamentation for less than five bucks. Use old newspapers, book pages, or fabric and cut out petals of flowers you love. Attach them in a floral design with glue and stick on vintage buttons in the center of your flower for a finishing touch. Use strong double-stick tape and begin layering your flowers organically alongside the mirror. Change it up seasonally if you get bored.


If your beauty collection is worth displaying, your brush holders and beauty containers should be equally as luxurious. Enter mason jars, a storage life-saver. With a few coats of gold spray paint, you can turn a simple glass jar into a Baroque statement that mirrors the gorgeous packaging of your favorite makeup and fragrance. Your carefully curated collection deserves unique storage solutions, so we give you full permission to gild it up.

Photos courtesy of apartmenttherapy, Marie Claire Maison, & theglitterguide