All Natural Headache Soothers


Headaches can completely ruin your day. That deep throbbing pain behind your temples can be caused by many things, from staring at a computer screen for too long to dehydration or even certain foods! To combat these nasty culprits, try these natural products that will help ease the pain that headaches can cause and prevent them from occurring at all!

Escents Natural Headache Relief Roll-On

This multi-tasking roll-on combats headaches with a combination of peppermint and lavender oils and also relieves muscle aches and pains and itchiness from rashes, bites and eczema!

Badger Headache Soother Balm

This balm comes in a cute tin, is easy to to apply, and contains super-concentrated menthol crystals to give an instant cooling effect. The eucalyptus and peppermint help to calm and relax the muscles in your forehead (which can often be the cause of headaches).

EO Peppermint Oil

For a simple easy headache cure, it's sometimes best to just go to the source. Peppermint oil not only provides instant cool to your aching head but helps to relax and calm your nervous system (which is working overtime when a headache flares). For instant pain relief, place a few drops of peppermint oil on a damp washcloth, fold the washcloth in half (you don't want the oil directly on your skin) and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes before applying directly to your forehead. 

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