Summer Beauty To-Do List


Feeling bored? Here are some fun and inspiring beauty ideas to keep you busy this summer.

  1. Practice your makeup! Invite a friend over and practice your makeup skills by copying your favorite looks from a video tutorial or picture.

  2. Score some freebies. Make a wishlist of all the lotions and potions you want and head to your local beauty counter to ask for samples. They can only say no!

  3. Get Healthy. Go for a long walk and when you get back, make a yummy fruit smoothie. Both your body and your skin will thank you for it!

  4. Makeover your work space. Clean up your dresser or makeup table and add pretty bowls, mirrors and a bunch of flowers to make it a girly haven.

  5. Host a manicure party! Invite all of your girlfriends over and ask them to each bring a current favorite nail polish. Then give each other manicures (or pedicures)! It's better and more fun than paying for one.

  6. Salvage old lipsticks. Don't throw away a lipstick that's almost run out. Scoop out the rest and mix it with Vaseline in a small clear tub to make a colored lip balm.

  7. Air it out. Hang your pillows, blankets and quilts outside in the sun for a day. The sun will kill any germs and bacteria that can cause breakouts. Plus your linens will smell heavenly at the end of the day!

  8. Take a long bath. Relax, chill out, and unwind. Soak in a long bath infused with essential oils and rose petals. You'll feel like a goddess.

  9. Spoil Yourself. Sign up for a discount site like Groupon for info about cheap spa deals. You can often get treatments for half off the the regular price!

  10. Empower Yourself. Feeling down? Cut out beautiful images and write positive, empowering messages to stick on them. Place them around your mirror and in your room. You deserve to be the best version of yourself!