Summer Ideas For A Baby Beauty


Babysitting an ultra-girlie toddler? We've got some fun beauty ideas to keep the budding beauty-nista in your life busy and beautiful during lazy summer days.

Small Starlet

Hair time is fun time! While getting gorgeous for a night out, wrap a few velcro rollers (no heat!) on your little one and make her feel like a superstar.

Flower Girl

Braiding parties evoke the lazy days of summer with friends. Weave flower garlands and ribbons for a fairytale-inspired 'do.

Manicured Mademoiselle 

Keep the little miss in your life polished and pretty with a subtle manicure. File and buff nails lightly and apply a coat of clear or sheer pink lacquer for sweet tips. You can go for a bright summer shade too, but make sure you have mom's permission first.

Solar Chick

It's never to early to learn about SPF! Teach her about sun protection and why it's so important to use sunscreen every day. If you have a baby-friendly SPF on hand, apply a patch test on her hand to show her how sunscreen blocks dangerous rays. Remember, always use a physical blocker (with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide) on kids because chemical sunscreens can irritate their sensitive skin.

Fruity & Feminine

Need a summer activity that doesn't involve TV or the Internet? Look to your kitchen. Use seasonal fruits for a myriad of DIY beauty recipes. For a fruity edible mask, mix your favorite fruit with olive oil, yogurt, and oatmeal and apply a thin layer on skin. You can also use dark berries (rich in antioxidants) as an all-natural custom lip stain. Crush up a blackberries or dark cherries and dab on the center of her lips for a just-bitten pout. She'll feel glam, and you avoid the sugar influx of Kool-Aid.