• Splurge or Save: Eyeshadow Primer

    Splurge or Save: Eyeshadow Primer

    Eyeshadow primer is used to help prolong and enhance the color of eyeshadows on your lids. Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether to splurge or save on eyeshadow primer!

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  • How to Cover Up a Tattoo
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    How to Cover Up a Tattoo

    Have any tattoos you want to cover up for the upcoming warm weather season? Beautylish asks New York City Makeup Artist Michelle Coursey for the best tips and tricks on how to conceal tattoos flawlessly for special events. Keep reading for a full step-by-step and to see which of your favorite celebs sport the coolest tattoo!

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  • Apply Foundation Like A Pro

    Apply Foundation Like A Pro

    Le Métier de Beauté Director Mikey Castillo and trainer/makeup artist Erin Lockard gives Beautylish the lowdown on how to achieve a flawless, non-cakey foundation coverage for Spring!

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  • Beauty Detox Smoothie Recipe

    Beauty Detox Smoothie Recipe

    To kick start your metabolism and get brighter eyes, clearer skin, more lustrous hair, as well as a slimmer waistline, begin your day with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe for breakfast.

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  • Beauty Detox

    Beauty Detox

    From the Master Cleanse to juice fasts, there are lots of detox diets out there that claim to help you lose weight and look better, fast. Beautylish spoke with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder (Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel, and Channing Tatum are just some of her clients) to get the skinny on what really works.

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  • Spring Storage Solutions Part 4: On-The-Go Beauty

    Spring Storage Solutions Part 4: On-The-Go Beauty

    Beauty organization never stops—even on the go! Keep reading for some easy solutions to keep your beauty goods organized when traveling.

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  • Spring Cleaning Part 3: Nail Tools

    Spring Cleaning Part 3: Nail Tools

    It's time for Part 3 of the Beautylish Spring Cleaning series: nail tools! For tips on how to best clean, sterilize, and store your nail polish and tools, Beautylish spoke with Rescue Beauty Lounge founder and notorious germ-phobe Ji Baek. She even reveals how to clean nail polish off of your clothes!

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  • DIY Beauty: Hair Rinse
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    DIY Beauty: Hair Rinse

    Cleansing your hair with a hair rinse will revive your hair and remove buildup from your daily shampoos and styling products. Find out which everyday kitchen products can be used to create your own inexpensive hair rinse!

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  • Spotlight On: Makeup Artist Shauna O'Toole

    Spotlight On: Makeup Artist Shauna O'Toole

    We caught up with Funny or Die's makeup artist, Shauna O'Toole and got her to spill what her favorite beauty products are!

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  • Spotlight On: Tatcha Founder Vicky Tsai Part 2

    Spotlight On: Tatcha Founder Vicky Tsai Part 2

    In Part two of our interview with Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai, she discusses her favorite beauty products and how she maintains her beauty philosophy of simplicity.

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  • Real Techniques™ by Samantha Chapman Brush Collection

    Real Techniques™ by Samantha Chapman Brush Collection

    Designed with professional makeup artist and top-rated YouTube beauty guru Samantha Chapman (Pixiwoo), Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman offers high-tech brushes and makeup tutorials that make you the expert. Keep reading for details and photos.

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  • Split End Solutions for Healthy Long Hair
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    Split End Solutions for Healthy Long Hair

    Blake Lively’s colorist Rona O’Connor shares her healthy, long hair tips (the same ones she taught Blake!) with Beautylish.

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  • Orange Lips For Spring

    Orange Lips For Spring

    Orange lips are hot this season, spotted on the Spring fashion runways and young starlets of Hollywood. To instantly Spring-a-lish your makeup this season, add a boost of orange to your lips for a juicy burst of color.

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  • Best Dark Circle Concealers

    Best Dark Circle Concealers

    Daylight savings time began a couple of weeks ago, but if you're still having a hard time getting enough shuteye, dark circles may be appearing under your eyes. Don't worry beauties! Beautylish has the top 3 concealers for covering up dark undereye circles so you can look bright-eyed and well-rested, even if you wish you were still in bed.

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  • Cover Acne & Blemishes With The Right Brushes

    Cover Acne & Blemishes With The Right Brushes

    When covering acne and blemishes, having the right makeup brush is just as important as choosing the right concealer. Brushes can get into the nooks and crannies of trouble spots, since the bristles can maneuver themselves easily into the crevices. Here are our top 3 picks of makeup brushes that can help cover your acne spots and blemishes!

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  • Spotlight On: Vicky Tsai, Founder of TATCHA Part 1

    Spotlight On: Vicky Tsai, Founder of TATCHA Part 1

    We had the chance to chat with Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai! In part 1 of our interview, Vicky reveals why Japan is the cornerstone of beauty rituals and how Tatcha is helping with disaster relief abroad.

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  • DIY Beauty: Carrot Face Mask
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    DIY Beauty: Carrot Face Mask

    Not only are carrots good for your health, they can tone and clarify your skin, since they are naturally antiseptic and packed with vitamins (like carotene) and iron. Nom on some carrot sticks while you whip up this easy face mask that will be soothing and delicious for your skin!

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  • Spring Nail Tutorials
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    Spring Nail Tutorials

    We came across this gorgeous spring manicure pic and were so inspired to give our fingers a March update that we started searching for spring nail art tutorials. From cute cupcakes and Easter bunny nail art to fabulous florals, here's what we found!

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  • Allergy-Proof Your Beauty Routine

    Allergy-Proof Your Beauty Routine

    March brings wonky weather and the beginning of allergy season. Sneezing, coughing, water, rubbing, itching—we've all seen redness and irritation play out on our faces as a result of allergen overload. Keep reading solutions for keeping your makeup picture-perfect during allergy season.

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  • FunnyorDie Beauty Corner: Diora Baird

    FunnyorDie Beauty Corner: Diora Baird 

    FunnyorDie.com has given us the down low on the makeup breakdown of Diora Baird, at their most recent video shoot in Los Angeles. See how makeup artist Shauna O'Toole gave Diora this youthful and classy look!

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