Loathe or Love: Hunger Games' Glitter Tattoos


We blinged out our bodies this week—with glitter! These glistening temporary tattoos are becoming a popular trend for those craving a little extra glitz. And with T__he Hunger Games coming to the silver screen next year, glitter tattoos (like Venia's gold ones in the book) are going to be even hotter!  Surprisingly, we're not as mortified by them as we thought. We think they'd look fun with equally bright makeup for a special event! Happily, the application process doesn't involve any needles or ink, just non-toxic glue and glitter.

First, apply a pre-made stencil sticker—we chose diamonds and stars—on a desired spot, then peel off the protective plastic coating. Apply a very thin and even layer of the special adhesive over the black stencil, then peel that stencil off immediately, revealing a glue imprint of the design. As soon as the glue turns clear, use a small brush (included) to dab on glitter that comes with the kit. Don't worry about neatness because the excess glitter simply rubs away when you're done. To give these ordinary patterns an extra visual punch, we customized our color with ombré gradients. After all the glue is coated with glitter, wait five minutes until it's completely dry, then blow or gently wipe off the excess product. Manufacturers state this glitter is safe for eye and lip application (it comes with an eye and lip sealant), but we don't recommend this near the eyes (who wants glitter stuck on your eyelids for days?). Overall, we were pleased with the ease of application and the cool effect it gave. This tattoo could last a good few days without friction or sweat, and comes off easily with an alcohol wipe or a heavy soak and scrub. Tell us if you love or loathe this trend below!