• Blumarine Makeup, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    Blumarine Makeup, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    The look at Blumarine was inspired by supermodels and gorgeous girls back from holiday. "Think golden skin and strong arched brows," said makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

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  • Does Your Skin Need Special Water?
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    Does Your Skin Need Special Water?

    The French have perfected cheese, croissants, and now...water? Read why French thermal water is a must-try for sensitive, inflamed skin, and see our three favorites.

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  • Dolce & Gabbana Hair, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012
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    Dolce & Gabbana Hair, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a classic twist at Dolce & Gabbana yesterday. “The look today is very Sicilian, inspired by Sophia Loren," he said. Here's how to get the look.

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  • Jil Sander Hair, Milan Fashion Week

    Jil Sander Hair, Milan Fashion Week

    The hair at Jil Sander was a nod to the '50s, a sleek, expensive looking up do that had models sporting super sleek, short shiny bobs.

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  • Bottega Veneta Beauty, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    Bottega Veneta Beauty, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    Hairstylist Guido created a wet look, messy bun for Bottega Veneta. "We wanted to offset the sophisticated collection with something messy," he said. Keep reading to learn the how-to!

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  • Missoni Beauty, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    Missoni Beauty, Milan Fashion Week S/S 2012

    For the first time ever, Italian label Missoni used MINX nails on the runway. For the spring/summer 2012 show, nails reflected the same colors used in the patterns on clothes that Missoni is known and loved for. Keep reading to find out more.

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  • Why We Love Keira Knightley

    Why We Love Keira Knightley

    She stole our hearts in "Bend It Like Beckham," wowed us in "Pirates of the Caribbean," and is now starring in a new film about Sigmund Freud, "A Dangerous Method." Here's why we love Keira Knightley.

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  • Work Manicure Inspiration

    Work Manicure Inspiration

    Just because your nails need to be work-appropriate doesn’t mean they can’t look chic and fabulous. These Beauties have the manicures you'll want while you're typing away at the office.

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  • Makeup for Hazel Eyes

    Makeup for Hazel Eyes

    Hazel-eyed Beauties have all the luck! Each version of this pretty color is unique, with hues ranging from warmer to cool greens and browns. With such gorgeous eyes, you should play with different colors to create an attention-grabbing makeup look that's yours alone. Check out how to achieve these beautiful effects!

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  • Street Style Beauty at London Fashion Week

    Street Style Beauty at London Fashion Week

    Fashion Week has jumped across the pond to London, land of the English rose. While we loved watching the Burberry Prorsum show, it was the beauty on the streets that caught our eye first.

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  • Fall Vanity Inspiration

    Fall Vanity Inspiration

    Even though it may not feel like fall yet for most, the seasons are a-changing! These vanity designs all have natural elements scattered throughout, and leaves, branches, and floral motifs add dramatic touches that move away from the stark freshness of summer. Get inspired and make over your space for autumn.

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  • Fashion Designer and Makeup Collaborations

    Fashion Designer and Makeup Collaborations

    Have you noticed that more and more fashion designers are moving over to beauty? There's Charlotte Ronson for Sephora, Marc Jacobs for MINX, and Alexander Wang for Sally Hansen. We take a look at the designers who are collaborating on makeup collections.

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  • It's Mole Check Time!

    It's Mole Check Time!

    It's been quite a summer, and you've had your fun in the sun. Even though you used SPF, you may be starting to see little spots on your skin. Some are common moles, but others can be precursors to cancerous melanoma. Find out how you can diagnose yourself and prevent melanoma on your body!

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  • Beauty Mood Board: Haute Harvest

    Beauty Mood Board: Haute Harvest

    Who said the season has to be all orange and brown? This week, our editorial team is inspired by the other colors of the harvest.

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  • Beginner's Makeup Kit Essentials

    Beginner's Makeup Kit Essentials

    A makeup kit is more than just eye shadow, blush, and foundation. Most don’t take into account the incidentals and extras they'll need to make sure their bases are covered on their first important job. Keep reading to see our must-haves for a beginner’s makeup kit!

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  • Body By Kit: A Crappy Situation

    Body By Kit: A Crappy Situation

    In a new Beautylish series, "Body By Kit," fitness expert Kit Rich gives us the skinny on weight loss treatments. In this installment, Kit tests a Chinese herbal diet tea to slim down before a big date. Keep reading for Kit's blow-by-blow details, as well as her recommendations for what really works to curb your appetite (in a healthy way!).

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  • Formal Evening Beauty Inspiration

    Formal Evening Beauty Inspiration

    Homecoming is fast approaching, everyone is back at school, and you want to look your best for the evening! From hair to nails, our Beauties provide inspiration that will help you get ready for that special night!

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  • Are you Allergic?

    Are you Allergic?

    Does your face break out in pimples or a red rash when you use certain products? You may be allergic to a specific ingredient in your makeup or skin care. We spoke with a dermatologist to find out what ingredients are most likely to irritate and what to do if you're having an allergic reaction.

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  • Best London Spring 2012 Fashion Week Trends

    Best London Spring 2012 Fashion Week Trends

    After an exciting week in New York, we were ready for fashion across the pond. Designers at London Fashion Week were a little more experimental in their makeup designs (just what we like to see!), and a few trends stood out to the Beautylish team. We recap three British beauty trends to watch for in spring.

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  • Get Pastel Pretty
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    Get Pastel Pretty

    Ladurée is famed as one of France's best patisseries—think tantalizing macaroons in an incredible array of pastel colors and pastries worthy of Marie Antoinette. In honor of the store's first opening in the U.S. (in New York City) we've put together our Top 3 pastel-inspired products.

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