Fun And Easy Healthy Eating Tips


We're always telling you about the benefits of eating healthier, which new recipes to try, what foods can improve your memory, and easy DIY hair and face masks! But what about snacks and those everyday good-for-you foods? While we all know we should drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables, some days it can seem like a drag. Which is why spicing those things up makes life a little more interesting and your taste buds jump for joy. Here are our five favorite ways to make everyday food more delicious.

1. Flavor your water.

Drinking eight glasses of water in a day is a task for anyone, especially those who can’t stand the lack of flavor. Add slices of lemon, orange, or cucumber to glass bottles of water, and make tags with pictures of each fruit to tie onto the bottles.

2. Include some dip.

Don't just pack an apple for your snack at work. Slice up your fruit and buy (or make your own) individual almond or peanut butter packets. It's best to get your nut butters from the health food shop to avoid the added sugar and preservatives that are in regular supermarket brands. Or try making your own nut butter in a food processor. Just pulse your favorite nut until it becomes a crunchy paste. You don’t need to add any oil or sugar, but a touch of honey is delicious.

3. Add some sweet potato.

Pre-bake cubes of sweet potato to add to your salad. When you only have time to whip up a quick bowl of greens, adding some sweet potato and feta cheese gives you the extra flavor and solid boost your body craves.

4. Don't forget about cheese!

Remember when your mom would pack you string cheese in your lunchbox? Cheese is a great way to get more calcium from your diet, and having a small amount every day will keep you from overindulging in a cheese platter.

5. Be prepared.

Sitting at work and looking wistfully at the vending machine isn't good for anyone. Create your own trail mix with dried fruit (we like golden raisins and cranberries), nuts, and sunflower seeds, then store it in ziplock bags that you can take to work.