How To Master The Matte Lip


Adore this season's bold lipstick trend? Check out how to create the perfect statement look in three easy steps.


Lips can get particularly flaky in wintertime, so before you create a power pout, prep the area with a lip scrub. When the focus is on your mouth, you want it to look flawless. Plus, it's always easier to work on a smooth canvas. Be sure to rinse away any leftover residue with water and pat dry.

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Lip pencil is essential when perfecting a statement pout because it creates the contours and helps hold the color in place. Apply a matte lip pencil color that is similar to the lipstick hue you are using (don't go too dark or else you will be left with an early '90s style). Can’t find a pencil in the same shade as your lipstick? Use a clear lip pencil instead. Start with your bottom lip, which has fewer angles. Carefully draw along the outside (you can create the illusion of fuller lips by rimming slightly outside of your natural line). Fill in your entire bottom lip. Now, complete your top lip by first creating five dots: two at the outer corners and three at your mouth's cupid’s bow (the top center). Connect the dots with lines that mimic your lip's actual shape, then fill in.

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Before you apply your lipstick, some makeup artists recommend applying a sprinkle of loose powder foundation to the mouth to help the hue last longer. If you want to skip this step, finish by swiping the lipstick over your entire pout. Blot lips by squeezing them together and pulling them apart to spread color evenly (or place a tissue between your lips to soak up excess color). Apply a second coat. Prevent lipstick from transferring to your teeth by placing your pointer finger between your lips, closing your lips around your finger, and then pulling your finger out. If there’s any lip color on your finger, remove it, then do this step again. Use a makeup removing cloth to dab away any lipstick that may bleed outside the lines.

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