Bright Eyed


Do you find yourself reaching for the same pan of taupe or brown eye shadow every morning? Using the same go-to color can be a safe route to a pretty look, but why not spice things up with some splashes of color? Using one (or three!) bright shades on your lids will lift your look and add some sparkle to your whole day!

Bright Brights!

by Krishna B.

Wear a combination of vivid sunset hues just like Krishna does. A deep purple contrasts beautifully with yellow and is gorgeous on a darker skin tone. For a pretty nighttime look, make your entire lid purple and add some shimmer.

Fall Makeup Trend 2011: The Colorful Smoky Eye

by Nika Pirouette Makeup x. 

This stunning oceanic look is a fun way to use color on your eyelids. The blue and purple tones are great as shadows, but for added punch apply a blue eye liner like Nika did. If you feel a little wary of wearing too much color, just use a liner at first, and apply small amounts of shadow over time.

Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorial

by Esmeralda P.

Be bold like Esmeralda! Use a neon yellow to line your eyes, then blend it out with pink and purple shadows. By using a few different shades, you achieve a unique, look that sets you apart from the crowd. Our favorite tip from this tutorial? Place tape from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow to achieve that straight line.