• Spadaro: A Trio of Fragrances

    Spadaro: A Trio of Fragrances

    Inspired by her memories, personal journey, and travels around the world, Kim Spadaro created a trio of fragrances with no formal training, following her dream of making scents that embody the smells, sights, sounds, and beauty she experienced in exotic places around the world. Keep reading to find out more about how this mother of three went from homemaker to perfumer.

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  • Street Spy: Cinya B.

    Street Spy: Cinya B.

    Beautylish hits the streets to discover the hair, makeup, and skin-care secrets of real Beauties just like you!

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  • Would You Permanently Tattoo Your Makeup?

    Would You Permanently Tattoo Your Makeup?

    Sometimes washing makeup off can make you feel better than applying it. But those who prefer rinse-free beauty get permanent makeup on their face, a cosmetic procedure that tattoos the skin to enhance facial features. Find out if this treatment is right for you!

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  • A Brown Girl Beauty Retrospective

    A Brown Girl Beauty Retrospective

    Who are your personal beauty icons? Dre Brown is back to discuss her childhood obsession with long hair (complete with homemade extensions) and the famous faces that shaped her concept of beauty.

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  • Vampire Beauty Inspiration

    Vampire Beauty Inspiration

    Halloween is almost here! Become a vampire this year with some blood-thirsty makeup and nail inspiration.

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  • Purple Reign

    Purple Reign

    Royal purple shades are beautiful for fall makeup. They not only make you look glamorous, but you'll also feel like a queen putting them on. Here are our Top 3 picks.

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  • Rave-Ready Makeup

    Rave-Ready Makeup

    Raves were popular in the ‘90s and they’re still going strong in the new millennium, glow sticks and light shows galore! Learn how to amp up your dance-floor look without piling on heavy, sweat-inducing makeup and hair products.

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  • Loathe or Love: Striped Eye Liner

    Loathe or Love: Striped Eye Liner

    You flick and wing like no one’s business, but have you tried other lining tricks of the trade? We’re into striping, a cool eye liner technique that color-blocks two or more lines along the lashes or even in the crease. Do you say yes to the style? Vote in our poll and tell us if you loathe or love this look.

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  • Glitter Makeup Looks

    Glitter Makeup Looks

    Glitter gives your eyes that extra dazzle that completes a makeup look. Whether you wear neutral shades or dramatic bright hues, a bit of sparkle will take your everyday makeup to a new level. Find out how these Beauties add specks of shimmery color to their lids!

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  • Meet Diane von Furstenberg!

    Meet Diane von Furstenberg!

    Designer of the legendary wrap dress and all round superwoman (she is now more popular than ever!), Diane von Furstenberg has created a new fragrance called Diane! Keep reading to find out where you can meet the iconic designer and get a bottle of her fragrance signed.

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  • Are You Immune to Botox?

    Are You Immune to Botox?

    Despite the fears of injecting a pricey poison into the body, women worldwide have been using Botox as a miracle line and wrinkle eraser for years. But now there’s a new problem with Botox: immunity. We ask a dermatologist why Botox has suddenly stopped working for some women.

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  • Into the Blue: Paul Walker Interview

    Into the Blue: Paul Walker Interview

    Best known for his role in the "Fast and the Furious" movie franchise, handsome Paul Walker is the newest face of Davidoff Cool Water. Beauties, the striking baby blues in the cologne ads have not been photoshopped. Check out this exclusive Beautylish interview with Paul, where the Southern California native reveals what scents he's most attracted to on women and his unique technique for wearing fragrance.

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  • The Zoe Report: What to Wear to The Beauty Social
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    The Zoe Report: What to Wear to The Beauty Social

    For a weekend of mingling and makeup at The Beauty Social, you need to look your sexiest, hottest ever! We teamed up with Zoe Beautiful and The Zoe Report, two of Rachel and Team Zoe's daily emails, to inspire your perfect weekend outfit.

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  • Trend: Rainbow Eyes

    Trend: Rainbow Eyes

    This fall, the trends dictate that your wardrobe should be filled with color. But if you prefer to wear black and neutral clothes, why not let your eyes do the talking? Pretty, rainbow eye shadow is a great way to experiment with bright hues, and makes a fun look for Halloween! You can dress up as a mermaid, bird of paradise, or even Rainbow Brite!

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  • MAC's Viva Glam Spokesperson Lady Gaga Debuts Short Film for MAC AIDS Fund 2011 Social Awareness Campaign

    MAC's Viva Glam Spokesperson Lady Gaga Debuts Short Film for MAC AIDS Fund 2011 Social Awareness Campaign

    MAC has released a new film with Viva Glam spokesperson, Lady Gaga! The short film features a dress incorporating the winning photographs from the MAC AIDS Fund 2011 Social Awareness program. Keep reading to find out more.

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  • Smelly Foot Solutions
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    Smelly Foot Solutions

    Summer may be officially over, but you’re still enjoying every sandal-weather opportunity you have. Unfortunately, sweat and bacteria on your toes can create an unpleasant stench. Discover quick tips and tricks to keep foot odor at bay.

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  • Cut the Cost on Beauty

    Cut the Cost on Beauty

    As with most things in life, thinking a little harder and smarter can save you time as well as money. There are plenty of tips and tricks for spending less on beauty products and treatments—you just need to know where to look!

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  • Girl, You Need to Relax!
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    Girl, You Need to Relax!

    In the latest installment of "Brown Girl Beauty Myths," Dre Brown tackles chemical hair relaxers, Brazilian straightening, Japanese thermal reconditioning, and training your natural hair to behave without any harsh treatments. Keep reading to find out how you can wean yourself off the "creamy crack."

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  • Why We Love Emily Blunt

    Why We Love Emily Blunt

    She is the new face of YSL's Opium fragrance, starred in "The Adjustment Bureau," and will appear in the new "Muppets" movie! Here's why we love Emily Blunt.

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  • Body By Kit: Men and Cellulite

    Body By Kit: Men and Cellulite

    No one cares as much about your cellulite as you do, especially your significant other. So don't make the same mistake as Kit Rich and point it out. Keep reading for Kit's regrets and advice on how to combat cellulite without miracle creams.

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