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Look Younger, Instantly!


Anti-aging techniques don't stop at serums and creams. Simple and easy tweaks to your routine can effectively take years off your look. Check out a few of our favorite one-step ways to create a youthful effect in seconds.

1. Wear a ponytail.

Pulling your hair back into a ponytail acts as a temporary face-lift, smoothing out fine lines in the face. Plus, a ponytail evokes youthful memories of sports and school days. For a more cheerful, peppy effect, secure the 'do high on the crown.

Beautylish recommends: Avon Scunci No Damage Elastic Ornament

2. Create dewy skin.

Heavy powder foundation can make your complexion look drab. Reclaim your natural glow by switching to a tinted moisturizer. It will even out your skin tone and boost surface radiance.

Beautylish recommends: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

3. Use under-eye concealer.

The area surrounding your eyes is usually the first to show signs of aging—and we’re not just talking about crow's-feet! Because the skin underneath your eyes is thinner, dark veins peep through easier. Brighten up your eyes by dabbing a creamy concealer onto the dark areas before applying a tinted moisturizer all over.    

Beautylish recommends: Laneige Dark Circles Concealer Kit

4. Get bangs.

Not only will bangs hide forehead wrinkles but side-swept fringe can soften the angles of your face too. Don't know which cut will suit you? See which styles that are best for your face shape here.

Beautylish recommends: NuMe Mini Flat Iron

5. Lay off the lipstick.

Think about it: When you were a little girl you would put on makeup—especially lipstick—to appear older and more adult. For the reverse effect: lighten your layers! Colored lip balm gives you a hint of tint without calling too much attention to the fact you have makeup on.

Beautylish recommends: TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Tinted Lip Gloss

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