Tips for Capturing a Beautiful Photograph


Simply looking at your subject from a different perspective can make a photograph more stylized and visually stunning. From what you include in the frame to selecting key colors to enhance your piece, there are easy ways to upgrade a snapshot to a gorgeous photograph.

Organize Chaos

A picture of a busy scene leads the viewer’s eye in many directions. Make sure you know what you want to be the focal point of the photo and balance the size of other elements in the frame around it so your main subject doesn’t get lost in all the clutter.

Use the Rule of Thirds

Centering your subject can make your image look static and dull. Using the rule of thirds, which is a compositional rule, can make the subject look much more appealing. Sectioning a frame into three parts and positioning your subject along a third lets the eye move around in a creative way. 

Lead the Viewer's Eye With Color

Selecting a few colors to incorporate within a composition, brings focus to a photograph. Try to stick to a couple of key colors and use them throughout the whole image.

Incorporate Patterns

When introducing a pattern into your photo, use it sparingly. Too much of it can detract from the overall image.

Choose Vantage Points

Instead of taking a picture from a standard height, try changing your perspective and snapping the image from higher or lower than normal. Try looking at the frame from another point of view to determine if it will look more interesting.