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Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara: Worth It?


Eyes Bottom Lash Mascara

Beauties, do you apply mascara to your lower lashes? I usually try to leave my them bare because any makeup in that undereye area--especially mascara--has a tendency to smudge so quickly (during application and about 30 minutes afterward), leaving me with dreaded panda eyes. Clinique introduced a new mascara last month with a super-tiny, tapered brush that was designed specifically for the lower lashes, but I was skeptical. There have been other bottom lash mascaras out there on the market, but they left me smudged and sad. And I’m too clumsy to properly use my regular mascara on my lower lash line (the formula’s long wearing, but I get smudges when trying to maneuver the wand without touching my undereye skin)--the wide-eyed effect just isn’t worth the cleanup for me.

Then I tried the new Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. Beauties, this mascara is a life-changer. It’s great not just for separating, lengthening, and defining your bottom lashes, but the mini wand is also perfect for getting super close to the base of your upper lashes, helping you build up thicker-looking roots and and an almost 60’s flirty fringe look (you can really build and build in the outer corners with this baby wand). I love having more darkness at the root and more flutter at the ends of my lashes (so I’m never at risk of spider leg lashes), so this mascara is perfect! Plus, it has a 24-hour smudge-proof formula that really works. The mascara is thermally activated, which means that it dissolves when exposed to warm water (like more pricey Japanese formulas). I love the small size too--perfect for even the tiniest clutch. And it’s only $10 a tube. Win win!

Photos courtesy of Clinique

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