Makeup for Hazel Eyes


Hazel-eyed Beauties have all the luck! Each version of this pretty color is unique, with hues ranging from warmer to cool greens and browns. With such gorgeous eyes, you should play with different colors to create an attention-grabbing makeup look that's yours alone. Check out how to achieve these beautiful effects!

iFocus: Hazel/Light Brown Eyes

by Leesha C. 

Leesha's soft purple liner draws attention to her irises. 

Cranberry & Gold Smoky Eye!

by Brianna G.

Using golds to enhance the warmer tones of her eys, Brianna creates a royal hued look. 

Smokey Purple Eyes

by Kandee J. 

Kandee demonstrates how to pair a vampy purple smoky eye in this hazel-eye-enhancing tutorial.