Jil Sander Hair, Milan Fashion Week


image courtesy of vogue.com

Jil Sander


"In the true DNA of Jil Sander, this is a rich woman's hairdo that looks almost so perfect, it has no period," said hairstylist Guido.  "It's inspired by the 1950's but then becomes mid-century modern which makes it such a sculptured look. It's very helmet-like; the shape and texture makes it look as though it's stuck on."

  1. Apply Redken Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray liberally to damp hair to give it some texture.

  2. Section the hair and blow-dry.

  3. Backcomb each section to create volume and height, then brush hair back away from the face and create a ponytail, securing an elastic at the very end of it.

  4. With the help of a foam roller, roll the hair starting from the ends, tucking it under and pinning it.

  5. Layer Redken Forceful 23 Hairspray to create the glossy, smooth, helmet-like shape.

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