The Truth About At-Home Hair Straightening Treatments 


Want shiny, silky strands without spending hours wrestling with a blow-dryer? After all of the brouhaha over the dangers of Brazilian straightening treatments, many beauty brands began releasing safe smoothing alternatives so women could achieve frizz-free blowouts without the fear of unhealthy formaldehydes. But do these tress tamers really work? We tested out the newest at-home options to find out which of these products are really worth buying!

Bumble and Bumble Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment

This 30-minute treatment includes the chemical compound sodium metabisulfite, which gently loosens up the S-bond that causes ringlets. The blend of tourmaline, Brazilian green malachite, and Pearl and Sapphire powders helps relax curls when heat is applied. The serum also contains a dash of silicone and Polylysine (an amino acid) to help protect each strand from heat damage. We’re happy to say the product doesn’t leave your hair greasy or heavy, but it’s best for medium, curly, or coarse hair.

Ojon Super Sleek Hair Smoothing Treatment

To calm fly-aways and cut down on your blow-drying time, opt for this safe and effective treatment. The serum contains pure Ojon Oil and Plant Keratin (wheat, soy and corn proteins) as well as Azurite which helps heat smooth hair easier. Although results were instant (we didn't even have to use a flat iron!), the blend leaves hair a little dry and stiff, so be sure to replenish your locks with an ultra-hydrating conditioner afterwards. The treatment also comes in two levels: for Medium to Tight Curls, and Loose to Wavy Curls.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray

If you're not looking for a permanent change to your hair texture, spritz your mane with this gentle straightener before you whip out your flat iron. The mix of hydrolyzed keratin and polymers fight frizz, protect from heat damage, and easily smooth even the tightest ringlets. Plus, it's a lot quicker—and cheaper!—than sitting through a marathon salon session. The mist works best with medium to wavy locks.

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