The Next 5 Trends in Eco Beauty


Ready for a greener routine? The natural beauty category has grown exponentially in recent years, and many are hopping on the bio-fueled train to a cleaner beauty regimen. Today, research and technology has given these eco all-stars an advantage over standard products. “If I don’t think it works well, I don’t sell it, no matter how pure or pretty it is,” vows organic beauty expert and Spirit Beauty Lounge founder Spirit Demerson. Her online boutique has evolved into the premiere digital destination for luxury eco beauty products, and the store has launched some of our favorite hand-made indie brands. We chatted with Spirit to discover the next five big things happening in the naturals category. Trust us, the future of earth-friendly beauty is anything but granola.


Stem cell research has already shown promising results in the skin care sector, but stem cells derived from plants such as apple, edelweiss, and argan can become game-changers in the industry. These special cells have increased potency, purity, and efficacy on the skin, and work to promote cell turnover and overall health. “We’re also introducing the technology to hair care and makeup! I’m really excited about their potential,” says Spirit.

Acure Organics Conditioner Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell


Kitchen produce has been the basis of DIY beauty recipes for generations, and now skin care is getting a molecular boost from potent superfruits and vitamin- and mineral-rich waters from around the world. Infusions and extracts from fruits such as açaí, goji, and blueberry plump up wrinkles and fine lines—“It’s like organic Jamba Juice for your skin!” says Spirit.

Maya Water Facial Mist Organic


Nails and lips are already having a serious beauty moment, and green gals don’t have to miss out on the pigment-rich trend! “We’re seeing so many breakthroughs in non-toxic nail and lip color technology that are making your favorite lip and nail polishes even better,” exclaims Spirit. Your earth-conscious self can now wear every color of the rainbow!

Scotch Naturals Non-Toxic Nail Polish


The “oil-free” era is over. High grade, sustainably-sourced organic plant, seed, fruit and nut oils are coming from all over the world—Brazil, Morrocco, Senegal, and South Africa. They’re antioxidant rich, nourishing, and luxurious, and they help cure—not cause—breakouts! Luxury organic face oils make the best all-in-one moisturizer, serum and makeup primer—and Spirit is sure women with all different skin types will start using them in 2012. “Baobab seed oil, for example, is a wonderfully luxurious, anti-aging ingredient from the ancient 'Tree of Life' and it’s just now popping up in serums and creams.”

Lina Hanson Global Face Serum


Many perfumes on the market are mislabeled “eco” and “natural” but actually contain phthalates, a controversial chemical that is potentially harmful to the body. So what’s a scent-loving Beauty to do? Go back to the basics. Pure essential oils and extracts have become the new sophisticated aroma, housed in gorgeous packaging akin to your department-store favorites. “True-to-nature scents such as neroli, jasmine, bergamot, and tuberose are incredibly popular,” says Spirit.

Tsi~La Organics Fleur Savage Eau De Parfum

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