10 Ideas to Make Fitness Fun


l i g h t p o e t/Shutterstock.com

Exercise is a mood-booster and weight loss guarantor, so why do so many fear hitting the gym? Before you even begin to change into workout gear, you already come up with excuses to get out of a workout—“I’m too busy, the gym is so boring, I’m way too tired...” No excuses! Whether it’s cardio, weights, or stretches, there’s no reason not to get in at least 20 minutes of body-conditioning time a day. If you’re bored and unhappy with your current (or non-existent) workout routine, get some physical motivation with these 10 fun-filled fitness tips.

1. Gym Groove

Who said a night out on the town had to be indulgent? If you skip the cocktails, you can burn some serious calories on the dance floor! Whether you’re rocking at the club, swaying your hips at a swing-dancing lounge, or rhythmically moving your arms at a Zumba class, dancing gives you the benefits of a workout without feeling like a drone to the treadmill.

2. Conditioning Competition

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of competition to kick-start your fitness goals. Find a friend who has similar gym habits to you. Then, create a budget-friendly wishlist of items you want with weight benchmarks for each product. When you or your friend hit those targets, the other has to buy your desired gift for you. It’s amazing how much gym time you’ll put in for the newest, hottest lipstick.

3. Step Into Style

Look slim, feel stylish! Why should you subject yourself to old T-shirts and baggy pants during a sweat session? Boost your inner and outer confidence with fashionable, figure-flattering workout gear! Start by investing in a couple of body-skimming shirts and pants that have moisture-wicking fabric. Your treadmill transforms into a runway!

4. Loathe and Love

Some people will never look forward to the gym, but they love their TV time. Our compromise? Do both! Hit the gym during a prime-time TV hour and let the tube take your mind off the body burn. It’s an entertaining win-win!

5. Pump and Play

Music is probably one of the most essential factors to a good workout. A good rhythm can boost your spirits, bump up the energy, and put you in the mindset for speed! Before you hit the gym, create song playlists that have similar beats per minute to your running or jogging rate. You can do this manually by listening to each song, or you can download a beat analyzer for your music library. No time for either? Upload pre-made running playlists to your music player from sites such as Running Playlist.

6. Grin and Bear It

Psychologists say that people who smile more are happy, and the same holds true while you workout. Project confident and happy face and body behavior with a smile and good posture. You’ll enjoy your workout more—trust us!

7. Makeup Your Mantra

While your body behavior needs to be on point, your frame of mind needs to be just as self-assured and optimistic. Create one to three personal mantras and keep repeating them during your workout to remind you why you’re striving to accomplish your fitness goals. Examples include: “I want a bikini-ready stomach!” or “I’m changing my lifestyle for the better!”

8. Strict Schedule

“I’ll workout tomorrow” is officially out of your vocabulary! If you know your work or school schedule already, set exercise time blocks and stick to them. After a few weeks, you won’t even question the routine.

9. Stick With the Program

Sometimes your body needs a change of scenery. Most gyms are not very visually inspiring, so switch things up by trying out a new yoga studio or getting some fresh air with an outdoor sport. 

10. Blog It!

Accountability, community, and education are huge in the Internet world of working out. Join fitness forums online or start your own blog to track your progress and learn new techniques. Who knows—you might inspire someone across the world to set their fitness goals in motion!