Street Spy: Marianela Y.


Ever wonder what color lipstick that girl who passed you by was wearing? So do we! Beautylish is hitting the streets to find out who's sporting a unique beauty look and snapping their picture to share with all of you.

Marianela Y, 23
Hometown: Canary Island, Spain
Social Assistant in Social Services
Must have beauty product: Always blush!

We spotted Marianela on a hot summer day and had to stop her. She looked so cool and collected and her makeup was perfect—even in sweltering conditions! "I'm used to the heat!," Marianela says. "It's hot in Spain, so I always wear makeup when I go outside." We awed over her gorgeously tan skin and beautiful lined eyes. "I'm wearing Shiseido as a base, it really is the best. And Dior eyeliner. Oh! And for my favorite—the blush—I'm wearing Clinique."

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