Get Rid of Your Blackheads


Beauties, are you sick of your blackheads? I was too, so I decided it was time to take action. I booked myself in for an extraction facial (where they use a tiny blood lancet to puncture whiteheads before squeezing them out) at Christine Chin spa in New York City to see how clear my skin could be. I have really oily skin, so I've always had lots of blackheads—and some had been sticking around for years! Dermatologists have told me that extractions would get rid of them, but these stubborn whiteheads would always come back just as bad as before. The only way to totally rid yourself of them is to have laser surgery. I opted for the easy (and cheaper) route first.

My facial started out with a tingling mask to loosen up my pores that I kept on under a steam machine for around five minutes. I always like to chat with my facialist during those times and I've learned some valuable lessons! At Christine Chin spa, Connie told me that in order to clean out my pores, I should exfoliate twice a week—never more!-—and apply a face mask (she recommended clay for my oily skin) once a week followed by a hydrating mask. After my pores had been steamed long enough, it was time to start cleaning. Beauties, I have to be honest, extracting my blackheads really hurt. Admittedly I have a very low pain threshold but man oh man, squeezing out all the blackheads on my nose was close to torturous.

However, after the pain was over—and they do say no pain no gain—my face was bathed with a soothing icy cold green tea mask that I could feel tightening my pores and reducing the stinging. Ten minutes later, I was all done. My face looked a little beaten up (don't make any special plans the day of your facial—they recommend you let spots heal for up to three days) but my skin was silky soft and yes, clear of all blackheads. I'd never seen it look so clean. My facial cost $200 and two days later, it does look clearer and cleaner than it has for a long time! My tip is, if you're planning on a big night out or dinner with a date, get your facial done three to four days beforehand so your skin has time to heal.

Beautylish recommends: Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask to use as a mask at home between extraction facial appointments.

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