Makeup Artist Must Haves


Ever wonder what a makeup artist's favorite products are? We chatted to Norwegian-based makeup artist Linda Wickmann about her must have products. Linda has worked as a makeup artist for 11 years on major campaigns for Maybelline and created stunning looks for magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan. We couldn't wait to see which goodies she thinks worthy enough to make the final cut!

1 Eye Liner

"I just love MAC Eyeliner in Coffee.  Black is too hard for me so this dark brown is perfect. It's long lasting and it's not too hard or soft when you apply it the lower rim."

2 Mascara

"Max Factor False Lash Effect has the most perfect brush for my eyelashes. My lashes are thin and fine and very Scandinavian, so a few coats go a long way, and it doesn't sprinkle. Many of the celebrities I work with love this mascara too!"

3 Lipstick

"MAC lipstick in MAC Red is a long time favorite color! It just suits me and I have used this color on so many shoots and shows. It's also not too glossy."

**4 ** Mineral Powder Foundation

"I have never been a fan of mineral foundation, but when I was asked to make my own for Zanzuel I said 'yes please!' Matte Mineral Powder Foundation, Bekk by Linda Wickmann is matte and perfect. It has no shimmer and it's not too matte so your skin stays moist and won't dry out. It will be available in October."

Eyebrow Gel

"This is the perfect way to groom your brows. I like having by brows a little big and I love brushing them up a little. If I forget to use clear eyebrow gel it is just not the same. I love Zanzuel clear eyebrow gel but mark. clear gel works just as well."

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