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  • Bay Area Girl Injected With Botox Removed From Mother's Custody
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    Bay Area Girl Injected With Botox Removed From Mother's Custody

    On Friday, the San Francisco Human Services Agency, launched an investigation into Campbell after she admitted to "Good Morning America" that she injected botox into her daughter's face to help her in beauty pageants. Britney has been removed from her mother's custody.

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  • Cannes Film Festival Hair: Elizabeth Olsen
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    Cannes Film Festival Hair: Elizabeth Olsen

    Elizabeth Olsen, sister to the famous Olsen Twins and star of Indie flick Martha Macy May Marlene, looked gorgeous at this year's cannes International Film Festival. Celebrity Hair Stylist Giannandrea created two chic red carpet styles for Elizabeth.

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  • DIY Skin care: Vitamin C Serum

    DIY Skin care: Vitamin C Serum

    Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant and its been proven to stimulate collagen production, protect against UV damage and help minimize fine lines and scars. We found an inexpensive and potent homemade vitamin C serum recipe from Sophie Uliano, author of "Gorgeously Green." Keep reading to learn how to make your own skin elixir.

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  • Bobbi Brown's Tips For The Modern Bride

    Bobbi Brown's Tips For The Modern Bride

    If you haven't heard already, Bobbi Brown's makeup was used for the wedding of the season—The Royal Wedding! We spoke with Bobbi for quick tips on perfect bridal beauty.

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  • Best Products For Styling Natural Hair
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    Best Products For Styling Natural Hair

    Dre Brown tackles the ethnic hair care aisle and finds that when it comes to styling her natural hair, the right product matters much more than expert techniques. Keep reading for her favorite product picks.

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  • Leighton Meester is the Face of Vera Wang 'Lovestruck' Fragrance

    Leighton Meester is the Face of Vera Wang 'Lovestruck' Fragrance

    Vera Wang first remembers meeting Leighton Meester at Fashion's Night Out, where she already decided that she wanted the fresh-faced Gossip Girl to be the face of her newest fragrance, Lovestruck. Keep reading to find out more about the newest Vera Wang scent!

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  • Healthy Hair Tips for Women of Color
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    Healthy Hair Tips for Women of Color

    Many women of color are letting their natural hair grow in but there is a misconception. Celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen weighs in. "Many people have this idea that if you have natural hair, conditioning is not necessary or not as important as when your hair is relaxed—not true!" Ursula is the stylist responsible for Rihanna's 2006 fierce bob and gives us her expert tips and D.I.Y. remedy for women of color with natural hair.

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  • Bridal Beauty Tips: Olive Undertone

    Bridal Beauty Tips: Olive Undertone

    While guests at your wedding will admire your gown, hair and jewelry, you will always be the main focus of attention—and by you, we mean your face! Bridal makeup artist Jane Kim lends her expertise on tips for olive undertone Beauties and transforms Pilar G. into a smoky-gray bride.

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  • Bridal Beauty Tips: Warm Undertone

    Bridal Beauty Tips: Warm Undertone

    You'll have more photos of you taken on your wedding day than any other day. Having the perfect makeup that you're comfortable with will make you look and feel your best. Beautylish's Christina gets a bridal makeover from makeup artist Jane Kim, and she gives us her tips for warm-toned Beauties like Christina!

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  •  Bridal Beauty Tips: Cool Undertone

    Bridal Beauty Tips: Cool Undertone

    On your wedding day, makeup and hair are just as important as your gown. An unflattering beauty look will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and dampen your confidence. Bridal makeup artist Jane Kim lends her expertise on tips for cool undertone Beauties and transforms Beautylish's Victoria (also a cool undertone Beauty) into a classic bride.

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  • Katy Perry Talks Hair
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    Katy Perry Talks Hair

    What does it take to make California Gurl Katy Perry's hair so perfect? The Teenage Dream is the new face of the British hair styling tool line ghd. Here, the glamorous pop princess shares her personal beauty tips, and what it was like to work with legendary lensman David LaChapelle.

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  • Get Gorgeous After Your Workout

    Get Gorgeous After Your Workout

    Wearing makeup during a sweaty workout is a well-known beauty faux pas, but what if you've got post-fitness plans? Beautylish gives you pointers on how to prepare for your beauty routine after a power hour at the gym.

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  • Get The Look: Jennifer Lopez in "I'm Into You" Music Video

    Get The Look: Jennifer Lopez in "I'm Into You" Music Video

    It's no real surprise that Jennifer Lopez looks smoking in her new music video "I'm Into You." The performer was recently named "World's Most Beautiful Woman" by People Magazine, and Ms. Lopez is looking mighty dewy and lovely on location in Mexico, where the video was shot. Keep reading to see how you can recreate two gorgeous looks from her newest music video.

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  • Can You Pull Off Rock Star Hair?
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    Can You Pull Off Rock Star Hair?

    After six weeks on tour, Maja Ivarsson, front woman for the Swedish band The Sounds and the new face of Sebastian Professional, chats with Beautylish about what it takes to look like a real rock star.

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  • Bridal Beauty Tips

    Bridal Beauty Tips 

    There are so many things to think about for your wedding but one aspect you do not want to forget is your makeup and hair. We get the details from bridal makeup artist Jane Kim on how to get the best results when hiring a professional makeup artist.

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  • Macadamia Oil for Healthy Hair
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    Macadamia Oil for Healthy Hair

    Many associate macadamia nuts with being covered in chocolate, the standard gift you bring back from Hawaii, but did you know that macadamia oil is quite amazing for your body and hair too?. Keep reading for the benefits of this non-greasy nut.

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  • Beauty Tips We Learned From Our Moms

    Beauty Tips We Learned From Our Moms

    Was your mom an integral part of your beauty schooling? This Mother's Day, take a look at the beauty tips our editorial team learned from our beloved mommies. Happy Mother's Day!

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  • Beautylish's Best Mother's Day Tips

    Beautylish's Best Mother's Day Tips

    Beauties, we asked you to share with us your mom's best beauty advice. Now, we're telling you the most popular motherly advice!

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  • Polished Look in 15+ Minutes
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    Polished Look in 15+ Minutes

    If you have 15 minutes or more in the morning, you can go as intricate as you like with your face and hair. Celebrity makeup artist Jeffrey Paul gives Beautylish his take on how to look your best when you're not in a time crunch.

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  • Spotlight On: Disney Prom's Yin Chang

    Spotlight On: Disney Prom's Yin Chang

    "Prom" and "Gossip Girl" star Yin Chang reveals her best beauty tips and prom memories—from making her own dress to dance floor regrets.

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