Best Video Recording Locations


Viewers (perhaps unfairly) base your beauty and teaching skills on the environment you're in, which is why working in a clean space instead of a disorganized one can make all the difference in your video's success. Here's how to keep things neat:

Video Tutorials Recording Location Tips

  1. Make sure the area around you is well lit (click here for Beautylish's lighting tips). Your camera will focus better, and the footage will look less like a horror flick and more like a real video.

  2. Clean your space. If you want people to take you seriously, you're going to have to put in the effort. You're putting the time aside to record, so you might as well spend half an hour straightening up first.

  3. Keep your scenery relevant. What's in the background should pertain to the content you're representing. It's great if you have props like brushes or makeup palettes in the background—just make sure they look clean and organized. 

  4. If you're recording against a painted wall, make sure it's a mid-tone or lighter. If possible, stand in front of a mid-tone gray wall—your camera's white balance will even out the hue, making the colors you use look true to what they are in real life. 

  5. Avoid having mirrors in the background—they can reflect parts of your environment that you don't want to be seen, such as the camera stand or lighting rig. 

  6. Create a simple backdrop. If all else fails and you can't make the space behind you look presentable, hanging a solid piece of fabric behind you can be a quick and easy solution.  

Image courtesy of pinterest