Easy Tips for Healthy Snacking


Beauties, do you find yourself running to the vending machine or eating a chocolate bar every time you get a craving for a snack? Snacking on nutritious food throughout the day is good for you, but feeding your body unhealthy treats can affect your health now and in the future. We spoke with wellness expert Frank Lipman, M.D., for his tips on snacking healthily.

  • "Keep sugary snacks out of your house and office," says Dr. Lipman. "It’s difficult to snack on things that aren’t there! And don't substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar—try to use raw sugar or honey in hot drinks."

  • "Eat regularly," says Dr, Lipman. "Three meals and two snacks, or five small meals, a day is ideal. For many people, if they don’t eat often enough, their blood sugar levels drop, they feel hungry, and they are more likely to crave sugary snacks."

  • Try an apple with almond butter for a nutritious snack. "This is the perfect healthy snack because the apple is sweet and crunchy, and it provides fiber to fill you up.  The almond butter adds healthy fat and keeps you satisfied," says Dr. Lipman.

  • You can eat chips, just make sure they're good for you! "If you like to have potato chips," says Dr. Lipman, "you can very easily switch to kale chips and you'll be shocked by how delicious they are. This is a great way to get a serving of greens and it's much healthier than greasy fried chips."

Image courtesy of inthelittleredhouse