How to Talk to Your Audience


Having viewers and getting your work seen requires more than just putting it out there. It takes effort to make your viewers feel welcome and like they are a part of your life. Follow these steps to successful online branding!

HOW TO Talk to Your Audience

  1. Be genuine. It's easy for viewers to read a your body language and hear in your tone whether or not you're trying to deceive them. Most people look at others' blogs and videos because they want to get to know them. 

  2. Stay active. Most successful bloggers and vloggers are popular because they take the time to respond to their audience. If you put aside time for your viewers to talk to you, they'll be that much more loyal and willing to tell others about your work.

  3. Go on multiple social networking sites. In this day and age, it takes more than just one for people to find out about you.  Research the ones that are most popular (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) and invest in making your pages look polished and reflective of your personality. 

Beautylish Tip: Stay at it and don't go inactive. If you neglect your online presence in order to work on your brand, you will be forgotten. There are so many bloggers and vloggers out there that people will just move on to the next talented beauty.

Image courtesy of pinterest