Art as Inspiration: Makeup Palettes


Anything can inspire a makeup color: the feathers of a peacock, the petals of a flower, the glow of sunset, and even art. These makeup palettes take their inspiration from artists and art movements. The colors and patterns not only look beautiful when you open your compact but also create a stunning effect on your face.

1 Givenchy Les Ombres de Lune

The simple lines and colors of this eye shadow and face powder set were inspired by minimalism and the iconography of the moon. The shadow is perfect for creating an inky-black smoky eye, and the face powder feels light on your skin.

2 MAC Street Art Eye Shadow

This mélange of color was inspired by street art and graffiti, art forms that have only truly been accepted into the art world within the past few decades. The colors can be mixed to create different shades, or you can concentrate your brush on one tone.

3 Vincent Longo Pearl X Eye Shadow

The gorgeous flecks of color in this eye shadow are a nod to the age of the impressionists, particularly to Claude Monet's style of painting dots and splotches of beautiful color to achieve dreamy landscapes like "Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies." When mixed together, these tones can create a soft, muted eye effect.

Image courtesy of Favim

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