The Best Mani/Pedi Nail Polish Combinations


Ever get stumped at the beauty salon when you're choosing the colors for your mani/pedi? Good news, Beauties! We love mixing colors and coming up with fun nail polish combinations for our fingers and toes, so we've put together some great ideas for your next appointment.

Not only does a pretty pink manicure look chic and feminine, but the light color helps show off a tan and makes your fingers look longer. A shimmering statement nail coated in sparkles is the perfect way to tie in the metallic silver on your toes. This look is young and fresh and perfect for summer.

You may think pink and red don't mix, but some rules were made to be broken. We love hot-pink polish on your fingers and deep red on your toes. Your hands will look fun and playful, and your feet glamorous. Plus, these colors liven up any outfit by instantly adding pops of color.

If you want to use lighter colors, try aqua blue on your fingers and pale pink on your toes. Just like a pale manicure, the contrast of the light shade will make your feet look more golden. And the neutral hue looks great with bright heels!

Images courtesy of Pinterest