Best Makeup for a First Date


From dark, sultry eyes to bold, sexy lips, there are many ways to look great for a first date. It's a mix of your personality, style and the right balance of makeup that will make him crazy for you. Check out these date-night looks from our Beautylish Beauties.

First date Hastie S.

Take Hastie's approach and go for a fresh-faced eye look that will show off your natural beauty. Keeping your makeup soft will let him know that you aren't afraid to let him see the real you. 

First date Sara A.

Highlight your face with flowing, wavy hair. Sara's client looks gorgeous with these dark long tendrils framing her face. What guy could resist touching those soft curls?

First Date Heather W.

Men love when a woman looks healthy, so play up your rosy cheeks and lips. Heather's skin is radiant with a flush of color. 

Image courtesy of pinterest