Pretty Organized: Deep Drawers


Are there times when you just can't figure out how to arrange and display your beauty products? This week's issue: How to make sure your makeup doesn't get lost in deep drawers.

The Problem

This makeup maven hates stuffing her small to medium-size collection into deep drawers—she can never remember what she owns! She likes keeping her products visible, but can't stand having a cluttered countertop. She needs to consolidate everything in one place.



The Solution

If you don't like deep drawers, pull them out! Our makeup maven purchased a vintage-style drawer at her local thrift shop. Her drawer came as is, but you can finish the wood and add fun drawer pulls to match your decor. Place the single drawer on top of your dresser, or on a dressing chair like our Beauty did. Voilà—exposed, organized, and uniquely yours.

Do you need to organize your beauty products? Tell us your collection conundrum—we might just have a stash solution for you!