Scarf-Styling Hair Tips


Donning a thick, cozy scarf during winter time isn't just a chic accessory, it's essential for protecting yourself against those chilly winds! But how do you style your locks with all the extra material around your neck? Tuck them in, leave them out, or wear a cute side ponytail? We spoke with New York City-based hairstylist and creative director of Sassoon Downtown Salon, Michael Forrey, to discuss hair, scarf styling, and what looks you should rock this winter.

There are two main ways to style your hair while wearing a scarf: You can tuck your locks inside or leave your strands outside the fabric. "If you have longer hair, I prefer having it out of the scarf," says Michael. "When tucked in, long hair creates a weird faux bob that can make your face look rounder than it is. And when you pull your hair out, you can be left with a weird kink." The key to looking your best is a good cut. “If your hair is longer, it will look better flowing over your scarf with a few layers. If it's shorter, make sure it falls just above the line of your blazer or jacket rather than resting on it—this will look a lot more polished," says Michael.

But if ferocious wind and rain are wreaking havoc on your hair —style it to the side, rather than tucking it in. "I think the best scarf hairdo is a loose side ponytail or bun," says Michael. "Keep your bun textured with little strands of hair coming out, and if you have a ponytail, create a few waves for extra dimension.” And don’t forget to treat your winter-ravaged strands. “Winter dries out your hair even more than your skin, so make sure you use a conditioning hair mask once a week,” says Michael.

Beautylish recommends: Slather your locks in René Furterer Intense Nourishing Mask or L’Oréal Paris EverCréme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Deep Nourishing Masque for an extra-moisturizing, deep conditioning treatment. Leave your mask on for around 20 minutes before washing it out, or for a more intense treatment, wrap your hair in cling wrap and leave the mask in overnight.

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