Beautylish's 2012 Beauty Resolutions


New Year's Eve is a time to reflect on the changes we want to make in 2012. Just like you, the Beautylish team has a slew of bad beauty habits we want to break starting January 1. We admired so many of your resolutions, we decided to share our own. Check out how we plan to turn over a new leaf and create a healthier routine.

Wafi A.

My resolution is to throw away my old makeup because I'm becoming a bit of a hoarder. I haven't used a lot of items in my collection in a long time—they’re just sitting there! Another resolution is to check the weather. I'm never appropriately dressed and I always getting caught in the rain.

Cinya B.

I constantly sleep in my makeup even though I know it's a major skin care no-no. My goal for 2012 is to always cleanse my face before I go to bed. I even started keeping Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes on my night table to remind myself not to skip it.

Ning C.

I hate putting on lotion and my hands and my cuticles always get so dry and scaly every winter. This year, I'm going to keep hand cream in my purse, by my bed, and in my car so I have no excuse not to moisturize. Beauties, do you have any suggestions for good, non-greasy hand creams? Please leave your recommendations in the comments section. I'd really appreciate it!

Christina F.

I get annoyed when I find new freckles on my face, but I also always forget to put on a moisturizer with sunscreen. So my beauty resolution is to remember to slather on some SPF every day!

Jasmine J.

Within the past year I've notice wrinkles and no woman likes seeing that! I've started incorporating StriVectin-SD and Obagi Elastiderm Eye Treatment into my routine and my resolution for 2012 is to continue the commitment to my skin care. I have to be proactive about it—it has to become an everyday habit if I want people to continue asking what year in high school I am!

Tara L.

My resolution is to remember to apply my eye cream nightly and use a facial mask every week. When I saw my dermatologist, he told me it wasn't too early to get Botox for the lines around my eyes! That prompted me to become much more vigilant with my eye cream. And whenever I get a facial, the aesthetician makes a disappointing ‘oh’ when I admit I only use a mask when I remember. So I'm vowing to use one every Sunday, and make 2012 the year of glowing skin!

Victoria S.

In 2011, I finally conquered my lifetime nail biting habit. What's my beauty resolution for 2012? Stop picking at my skin! I'm a serial pimple popper, and I've got the acne scars to prove it. I also pledge to play with my hairstyle more. With so many hair tutorials on Beautylish, it's a crime that I wear it down most of the time. Bring on the twists, rolls, and braids!

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