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  • Freida Pinto: Elle's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Event

    Freida Pinto: Elle's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Event

    Frieda Pinto looked stunning with a super sleek ponytail and beautiful, simple makeup at Elle's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Event. Keep reading to find out how you can get her look!

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  • Beautylish It Girl: Michelle Williams

    Beautylish It Girl: Michelle Williams

    She's the star of the upcoming film "My Week with Marilyn," where she gives the audience an insider’s glimpse into what the real Marilyn Monroe was like, but what do we really know about Michelle Williams? She was married to the late Heath Ledger, and always surprises with her graceful, ethereal looks on the red carpet.

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  • Splurge or Save: Flatirons

    Splurge or Save: Flatirons

    Are all straighteners created equally? Beautylish breaks down the key differences between high-end and drugstore flatirons.

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  • Get Gorgeous Hat Hair

    Get Gorgeous Hat Hair

    Hats are the chicest way to cover up a bad hair day, but they’re also fun to incorporate into your overall look. We show you three ways to style and maintain your locks for any haute headgear.

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  • Top 3 Cover Ups

    Top 3 Cover Ups

    Don't you hate when a blemish develops during the day and you have nothing to cover it up? Concealers with wands, brushes, and sponge tips that target smaller areas are perfect to pop into your handbag, gym, or school bag. Here are our Top 3.

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  • Hard Candy for the Holidays 2011

    Hard Candy for the Holidays 2011

    Hard Candy is back with loads of goodies for the holidays! These mini-sets make the perfect stocking stuffers for loved ones and beauty fiends, so keep reading to see which items to put on your wish list!

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  • MAC's Holiday Collection

    MAC's Holiday Collection

    MAC has released its new holiday collection, which is full of fun Christmas tree baubles, and even cards! Keep reading to find out more.

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  • MAC's New Ice Parade Collection

    MAC's New Ice Parade Collection

    Sparkle up the season with one, two, or all three of these shakeable snowglobe compacts, a quartet of MAC kits in future-chic crystal clear bags trimmed with a metallic silver circle.

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  • Celebrity Inspired Smoky Eyes

    Celebrity Inspired Smoky Eyes

    Sometimes nothing works better than a smoky eye. Kim Kardashian is known for dark smoldering eyes with plenty of lashes (a look that has set a new standard for everyday beauty), Mila Kunis brings a quiet sexiness with muted smoky eyes, and Keira Knightley loves to show off her dark brown peepers with smoky lined eyes.

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  • What Shampoo is Right For You?
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    What Shampoo is Right For You?

    The shampoo you use has more of an effect on your hair than you may realize. It can cause product buildup, lack of shine, and even give you more split ends! We spoke with some experts about which shampoos are best and the proper way to wash your hair.

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  • The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

    The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

    Not sure if dramatic fringe will suite you? Before you take the plunge, keep reading for Beautylish's guide for how to get the most face-flattering cut.

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  • Halloween Inspired Manicures
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    Halloween Inspired Manicures

    Don't let your nails miss out on the Halloween fun! These Beauties show off some inspiring nail art to ensure that even your fingers get a dose of spooky.

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  • Spadaro: A Trio of Fragrances

    Spadaro: A Trio of Fragrances

    Inspired by her memories, personal journey, and travels around the world, Kim Spadaro created a trio of fragrances with no formal training, following her dream of making scents that embody the smells, sights, sounds, and beauty she experienced in exotic places around the world. Keep reading to find out more about how this mother of three went from homemaker to perfumer.

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  • Street Spy: Cinya B.

    Street Spy: Cinya B.

    Beautylish hits the streets to discover the hair, makeup, and skin-care secrets of real Beauties just like you!

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  • Would You Permanently Tattoo Your Makeup?

    Would You Permanently Tattoo Your Makeup?

    Sometimes washing makeup off can make you feel better than applying it. But those who prefer rinse-free beauty get permanent makeup on their face, a cosmetic procedure that tattoos the skin to enhance facial features. Find out if this treatment is right for you!

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  • A Brown Girl Beauty Retrospective

    A Brown Girl Beauty Retrospective

    Who are your personal beauty icons? Dre Brown is back to discuss her childhood obsession with long hair (complete with homemade extensions) and the famous faces that shaped her concept of beauty.

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  • Vampire Beauty Inspiration

    Vampire Beauty Inspiration

    Halloween is almost here! Become a vampire this year with some blood-thirsty makeup and nail inspiration.

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  • Purple Reign

    Purple Reign

    Royal purple shades are beautiful for fall makeup. They not only make you look glamorous, but you'll also feel like a queen putting them on. Here are our Top 3 picks.

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  • Rave-Ready Makeup

    Rave-Ready Makeup

    Raves were popular in the ‘90s and they’re still going strong in the new millennium, glow sticks and light shows galore! Learn how to amp up your dance-floor look without piling on heavy, sweat-inducing makeup and hair products.

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  • Loathe or Love: Striped Eye Liner

    Loathe or Love: Striped Eye Liner

    You flick and wing like no one’s business, but have you tried other lining tricks of the trade? We’re into striping, a cool eye liner technique that color-blocks two or more lines along the lashes or even in the crease. Do you say yes to the style? Vote in our poll and tell us if you loathe or love this look.

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