What to do With Those Pre-Packaged Makeup Sponges


Sick of collecting the bean pod-shaped sponges that come with most eye shadow palettes? Yeah, we're not a huge fan of them either. With so many affordable brush options, why limit yourself to such a small applicator? But the makeup aids aren't entirely useless in our beauty routines, and we've figured out three resourceful ways to utilize the pre-packaged tools. Before you toss anymore extras, stow away a couple of these plastic, foam-tipped pads for unexpected beauty dilemmas.


It's hard to apply glitter onto your lids using a fluffy brush. So instead of facing a flaky, patchy disaster, use the cushioned applicator to pick up and pack on the pigment. Glitter particles miraculously cling to the flattened surface, and manage to stay put when pressed in.


Yearning to explore the faded world of ombré nail art? Instead of cutting up makeup sponges, use a handy shadow applicator to do all the fading for you! The size and shape of the sponge is ideally suited for fingertips, and makes dotting and acid-washing your next manicure a cinch!


Nothing is worse than fallen shadow dust ruining an otherwise perfect foundation job. Normally, a Q-tip dipped in water can handle this kind of beauty emergency, but a mini makeup applicator works just as well, perhaps even better, and can be washed and reused! With a little makeup remover on the sponge, any shadow excess clings to the pad, leaving a flawless face sans the fallout.