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Really like the consistency :)

First thing I'd say is look for swatches elsewhere than the website, because Bark looks nothing like what it does on the website. But in terms of the actual product, the only negative is the packaging, in that you get a LOT less than you think you're getting. That being said, you get enough for £1.50. I love the consistency it's somewhere between a lipstick and a lipgloss, and it has the staying power somewhere inbetween as well. I like the feel of the sponge, and it's really easy to apply because it applies evenly with the sponge (the product comes out evenly on the sponge). I don't think I'll buy anymore colours, but I'm happy with mine :)

It's a good blush..

First of all I think I just got the wrong colour.. this is quite light for my skintone (NC35), and while I can match it with some of the looks I do, it's not my go to blush. Also because the staying power isn't brilliant. However, I think it's a good way to test out new colours, and have a selection incase one day you decide to branch out, because you don't wanna spend loads on a blush and find out the colour doesn't suit you! I obv wont be going to MAC to get a baby pink blush now :) I'd still buy more of this line.. just because I want to try colours out and see what works for me :)

My favourite brush :)

I personally don't have the money to spend on MAC brushes, and I live in the UK so Sigma/Coastal Scents are hard to get hold of.. but maybe that was a good thing cuz I got a great brush for only £1.50 :) Mine came a little bit deformed, but it still brings out the quality in eyeshadows so much better than my past brushes and I think it's a great brush for everyone because it's so affordable and a really good quality. Good enough for just everyday use anyway :)

My go-to blush!

I love peach/orange-ish blushes and because I knew if I found a colour I'd like I'd use it everyday, I figured I'd go to a high-end brand and of course MAC was my first stop :) I bought this in Japan, and Japan MAC always have translation stickers on the back and ALWAYS covers up the finish, so I didn't know it was a frost finish and it was quite difficult to work with in the beginning - you really need to find the right technique to apply it. But the product itself is amazing, it stays on for so long, it doesn't streak and the colour choices are brilliant :)

Nothing else like it on the market! :) (as far as I know..)

This product can be used in multiple ways - all over your face as 1) a neutralising agent 2) setting agent 3) oil absorbing agent. It can also be used spot-specifically, i.e. use the green for red areas, and red and yellow for blue undereyes. I prefer it to cream coloured concealers because I want to put as little cream as I can on my face. In fact, I'm not even sure there's a similar product out there. The only reason I take off .5 star is because it doesn't work well when combined with concealer - must be the oil absorbtion! Check out my review anyway :)

Probably never buy Benefit or UD ones again!

I've tried the UD Primer Potion and Benefit's Stay Don't Stray Primer, and this, while not being my favourite, will be the one I rebuy. Because there is pretty much no difference between this and the UDPP, except for the price. Benefit's SDSP is a liquid foundation consistency which I like better, and you can use it for concealer primer as well. Also, it increases the chances of witholding sweat/water. However, it only increases the chances, and for 1/20 of the price, I'm pretty willing to take those chances. Therefore, ELF wins! :) (My logic is, if ELF can produce the same thing as UD for 1/20 of the price, there is some serious ripping off going on there!)

Creamy lipstick!

I have this in ASIA (which isn't listed on here), but it's very similar to Heather Shimmer just without the shimmer. It's so creamy, it glides on and doesn't dig into your wrinkles on your lips. However, it's not as 'lasting finish' as Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipsticks, but more moistury than the Moisture Renew lipsticks! Really weird lol, but either way, such a good buy for the price I will always look for colours from Rimmel before I go to a high end counter because I don't expect lipstick quality to get any better than Rimmels' :)

So soft!

I usually don't like pencil browpencils, but I absolutely love this one. It's so soft, and the brush actually works in softening the colour. However, I didn't think the colour range was that great, but I got Hazel for when I wanted defined but not too dark of eyebrows - I have powder for that. I tried all the eyebrow pencils in the drugstore before I got this one - Rimmel's pricing is always fair too :)

So soft - best drugstore eyeliner!

This is probably something that is just one step behind the high end eyeliners. It's so soft, the packaging is small and easy to carry around. It's blendable if you'd like, but it also stays put. The only place it doesn't stay put is on the waterline - it slides down to your lashline but it stays there, so it's not horrible. You will never look like a panda! However, if you get the ones with the sponge end, that part is quite shite. That being said, for the price, it's probably just one step behind the likes of MAC's kohl liner cuz that one stays on your waterline. It's also so soft that I go through these every 3 months or so, so I've switched to the pencil kind.

Didn't like the brush..

I love the packaging - it's so sleek and pretty. But the actual mascara isn't great. The formula is fine - it's average, but the brush ruins it, pretty much. It's very susceptible to clumping and I just didn't feel like it covered my lashes fully - only the bottom side where the brush actually touched. I threw it out, and haven't rebought since.

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