Eye Shadow Brush

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Sonia C.
My favorite NON makeup brush

This brush has been seen in almost all of my NAIL videos. Yes nail - I use it to clean around my nails to give myself that clean 'just from the salon' look. I hate when I see beautiful polish all over the fingers when its made for just your nails. A little bit of polish remover in a cap + this brush and you are on your way to a perfect mani pedi!

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Romanian B.
oh la la amazing!

one of the best eyeshadow brushes I have used great for blending and applying eyeshadow - love the way it feels - nice and soft - ony 1 dollar - i have so many of these i love elf!

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Tiffany B.

This brush is very good for packing the eyeshadow onto the lid. I wish the handle was longer but thats minor. For a $1 US its really good. Decent quality bristles.

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HakaGlamz M.

I brought a couple of these brushes, tried it out on my sister creating a smokey eye, it worked really well when packing on colour. I can't say anything about shedding as yet, cause this was the first time using them, considering the price, I'd buy more but first will see how the life span on these are. So far loving them!

Abby S.

I have had this brush for almost two years and it has yet to fail me. I haven't hair fall out of it yet! this is great for when I am going with a neutral look and great for blending the ranges of golds and browns. But it is also great for any color! lol I have two more of these because I just absolutely love it! It is soft on my skin and doesn't hurt to put on. It is a great product from the dollar line and is totally worth it, I would definitely recommend this to friends and beginners.

Teia B.

For a dollar, you can never go wrong! Especially, if you are a makeup diva on a budget! It never sheds hair even when I wash my makeup brushes, the hair never sheds. Very good quality and it picks up eyeshadow the way you want to achieve your makeup looks or inspiration.

Miz Daryl I.

This is my everyday brush. They are such a great price that I am ordering more of them.

I have more than one and the way they are made doesn't have the same consistency.

Metta X.
You can't beat $1!!

At first I was very skeptical about this product. It was only $1, so I thought it would be cheap and not work well. I was wrong. After purchasing one of these brushes, I went out and bought a couple more! I still prefer this brush out of all of my higher end eyeshadow brushes. The quality is very good and it's only $1!! It's great for packing on eyeshadow and it even fits into your crease very well! I recommend to everyone!

Carina C.
The Best I've had!

I've used so many eye-shadows brushes and I've found the one! This brush it's soo soft and soo easy to apply any shadow. I have 4 of them just because they are so inexpensive.

Dallas Lynne S.
Awesome buy

A great buy if you are looking for something cheap. It's amazing at picking up the eye shadow from the pallet and for applying on eyes. Even though it's not a blending brush, it works great for that too.