Eye Shadow Brush

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Jo H.
Bang For Your Buck!!

I looove elf's products, I rarely wear eyeshadow but when I do and this is the perfect brush for doing my creases. It really packs on the color and its never shedded even when I wash it.

Aubrey C.

For a dollar, you really can't beat this. While it's not the most amazing brush on the market, it's definitely worth your dollar.

It packs on shadow well. And that's what you need it to do right?

In terms of shedding, I have noticed a tiny bit. But nothing too bad, and I have owned this brush for a couple years now.

Overall, this is a wonderful brush to have. One of the most necessary brushes, and for such a low price... well you just can't go wrong.

Star Y.
Great Eyeshadow Brush

This is one of my top eyeshadow brushes because it is so cheap. I have about 4 of these! It works great with all your eyeshadows. It does shed a bit when you wash but it doesn't seem to shed when i apply my eyeshadows. I love using this brush when applying an eyeshadow wet. Sometimes i feel like it's a bit rough but i think it's because i'm not using a gentle hand. I don't love this brush as much as the studio line one but it is a cheaper alternative. Overall, I would recommend this brush to everyone and if you can spend a bit more, i would suggest the Studio Eyeshadow C brush.

Anna A.
A bit rough and it doesn't distribute shadow that evenly.

The hairs on this brush is horrible, BUT when in need of it, I do use it. You might need to take a little time to apply shadow evenly, because this doesn't really do a good job at it, but nonetheless I wouldn't throw it out the window just yet. When it started to become "frizzy", I started using it as a cuticle oil applique or also to brush off the nail file dust from my nails. Reuse ladies!:)

Ify I.

This is a very wonderful brush. It's easy to use and clean. The bristles are neither too hard nor too soft. I've had mine for over 3 yrs now and they are still very much on point. The tips are all you need to touch the eyeshadow and bam! That's it! I

Cristal M.

For me this brush isn't one of my favorites. Doesn't blend well, of course don't expect much from a dollar brush. The bristles feel rough and even though the size is very convenient I wouldn't repurchase; rather spend more money on a better quality brush.

Sara G.

I bought this brush at Walgreens for one dollar. Now, I did NOT expect much for a dollar so I was not THAT disappointed when my brush broke the first time I used it. I experienced minimal shedding with this brush and it works okay with eye shadows but like I said, it did break. The glue loosened and the brush part fell off of the handle the first time I used it. I cannot say it was a waste of a dollar though because I still use this brush for messier things that I would rather not use my nicer brushes for such as glitter/glitter glue etc.

Lala P.
great buy

probably did a review on this but this is a great brush $1 cant go wrong. no shed hairs , cleans easy , and best of all may i repeat $1. my go to brush

Abby S.

I have had this brush for almost two years and it has yet to fail me. I haven't hair fall out of it yet! this is great for when I am going with a neutral look and great for blending the ranges of golds and browns. But it is also great for any color! lol I have two more of these because I just absolutely love it! It is soft on my skin and doesn't hurt to put on. It is a great product from the dollar line and is totally worth it, I would definitely recommend this to friends and beginners.

Teia B.

For a dollar, you can never go wrong! Especially, if you are a makeup diva on a budget! It never sheds hair even when I wash my makeup brushes, the hair never sheds. Very good quality and it picks up eyeshadow the way you want to achieve your makeup looks or inspiration.