Studio Complexion Perfection


Sophia C.
Nope not for me

You end up looking ashy and all the colors mix together so it DOES NOT even out skin tone.

Holly B.
good stuff

I purchased this at Walmart and I absloutly love it :) it really evens out the natural redness I have and since I break out it covers them up. I use this as a setting powder or I use it by my self

Monah S.
Wonderful product

I recently bought this from my local grocery store. I was mainly looking for something that would reduce the redness around my nose. I figured I would try it because it was so inexpensive. I'm so glad I decided to take a chance on it. I'm not very experienced in this type of makeup. It was very easy to apply and very lightweight. That is a major benefit. I also used the pink shade to hide my dark under eye circles and it did a great job. I just brushed it on and then added my powder foundation. When I saw how much of a difference it made I was shocked. I wondered how I could have ever lived without it. It stays on pretty good and doesn't look caked even if you use to much. I would definitely recommend this product especially if you are on a budget.

Carelen C.
I'm obsessed!

I absolutely 100% recommend this product. I use it every day! With a fluffy powder brush, I sweep all the tones together and buff all over my face to set my foundation and generally just pull together my look. I also use my finger to isolate certain colors (pink for under my eyes) for true color correcting. The texture is fantastic: super fine, doesn't even feel like it's on!

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Nicole P.

Well I ordered this on the official elf website and when I recievedhttp://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupFromNicole?feature=mhee the first one it was smashed :S but i got a replacement the next day and it's amazing! I highly would recomend this product for any girl. It really works and stays on the face for ages! It doesn't feel or look like you have anything on and the price is phenomenal! So get this! Well worth the money!

Charis R.
So Much Love !

It really works and stays on the face for agesss ! It doesnt feel ( or look ) like you have anything on aswell (: its wayyyy to cheap ! i feel like im cheating e.l.f out of money or somthing its so good :33 !

Jill O.
Great texture and amazing price

I picked this up when elf had a 50% off sale so it was only $1.50 and for that price I doubt I could say one bad thing about any product. So I'll ignore the price tag and tell you about what I really think. I don't feel it does much in the completion correction department but as a setting powder it is great. I has a great super fine texture that I just love. If you over do it though your going to look ashy. Worth the money, Yes! Try it out and see, it won't cost much.

Kathy G.
Amazing for E.L.F products!!!!

I highly would recomend this product for any girl or boy who wears makeup!This powder has undertone of yellow,blue,green,and pink which helps clear up the skin and help (not show the pores)!! I'm 13 and i bought this for the first time buying makeup and i've already used 4 of these paletes!!! LOVE IT :D :D

Olivia Z.

I heard about this product on Youtube and I saw mixed reviews but I decided to get it anyway. I am dark circles and redness on my cheeks. I thought this was help. I applied it to my skin alone and it didn't do much. You have to pack it on and it just becomes chalky. I have tried to use it to set my foundation and concealer but I still didn't find it to be to helpful.

Samantha J.

I highly reccomend this powder to anyone looking to even out their skin tone! The price is fabulous and it stays on a very long time. I use it over foundation to set it and even out my complexion. I doesn't look powdery! If I am in a hurry, a quick swipe of this all over my face makes it look great too!