Rimmel London

Exaggerate Full Colour Eye Definer


Ashley C.

I've used Revlon Colorstay 16-hour eyeliner for YEARS until my sister told me about Rimmel's Exaggerate Eye Definer. I've been using it for the past 3 months and I couldn't be happier! It goes on really dark and hardly ever needs a touch-up throughout the day. No smudges, great lines, and is very cheap in comparison to other eye liners out there. To all eyeliner connoisseurs out there, put this product in your toolkit!

Pamela K.
Great eyeliners

I bought a couple of these and the colors are pretty good pigments. Plus I love that they glide on easily and are self sharpening. Wish they had more colors to choose from.

Jasmine N.

I had low expectations for this eyeliner, but the pigmentation & lasting power instantly changed my opinion.

The versatility of this pencil is what makes it so special. My skin is medium to dark, so if I want to go for a more "natural look" this is my go-to eyeliner.

Extremely smooth when applying, it doesn't drag along your lower lash line when applying, or leave little chunks behind (maybe that only happens to me, I don't know.)

PERFECT color for filling in eyebrows, less harsh than a black pencil.

I can't say this is my "HG" product. I like bold look of liquid/gel eyeliner best. But, I can say this is perfect if you're either fair in skin tone, or going for a more "natural look" and don't want the harshness of a black eyeliner.

Morgan C.
It's the best!

I have 3 colors of this- Emerald Sparkle, Sable, and Noir- and I love them ALL. These are the only eyeliners that I use anymore. Sharpening isn't a hassle, thanks to the built in sharpener and the fact that it's twist up so sharpening only takes a twist or two. It's gentle to apply, and easy to work with, and it stays on nice and bright all day. Plus there's plenty of colors- the black, brown, and green sparkle that I have, but I also saw a few more at Walmart the other day- a navy blue, a bright violet, and they obviously had spaces for other colors that they didn't have anymore. And for $4.50, I'll definitely be going back for the other colors.

Kelly M.
Great drugstore eyeliner

This is the best drugstore crayon liner I've tried so far, and it has earned it's spot as one of my most-used makeup items. It glides on very easily, it lasts the whole day, and it has a built-in sharpener and smudger. My only complaint is that it tends to clump up on my lashes when lining my lower lid, but it's easily fixable.

Dina I.

I have this pen in 250 Emerald Sparkle, waterproof version. It also has a smudger and a sharpener at the other end. First, it is extremely pigmented! No need to reapply. As for it being waterproof, I wear it all day long and at the end of the day, it has only slightly moved a bit. The color is gorgeous, and as the name says, it does sparkle, but it is suitable for day wear. I don't really like it as an eyeshadow, but it is truly great for defining the lower lash line.

Rachel P.

I'm really impressed with this eyeliner. It's very pigmented and I like that it comes with a sharpener and a smudger. I also bought this in Aqua Sparkle & Emerald Sparkle and the colour payoff is great for all of them! It doesn't budge at all for a whole day. I also tried tightlining and waterlining with this and it lasted all day except for some fading at the outer corner of my waterline - but that's only because of my eye shape. Overall, I love this so much and I will definitely repurchase, perhaps in some other colours too.

Lillian W.

**REVIEWING THE WATERPROOF ONE** I LOVE THIS EYELINER SO MUCH! I used it and even in the shower it didn't come off! It's perfect for everyday use, and I love how there is a sharpener and a brush for smoldering on the other end. The eyeliner itself is very easy to use, and it's so good for tightlining!

Eli L.
Perfect everyday eyeliner!

Very impressed with this eyeliner!

Price/Where to buy: I bought mines at my local drugstore (Shoppers Drug Mart) & It was very affordable. It probably ranges from where you buy it. It can range from 5-7$

Lasting Power: I always set this eyeliner with a powder and on my upper lash line It last about 8-10h, but my lower lash line it last about 5-6h, it does tend to smudge on my lower lash line, so setting it is must.

Application/Colour Payoff: It glides on smoothly, and its pretty pigmented!

How long does it last: I've had mines for about 1 month, and I'm only half way done & I use it everyday! So I would say it last about 2 month.

Overall, I would suggest this! Very affordable eyeliner. Perfect for everyday use.

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Jocelyne R.

I use this daily. Mine has the smudge brush on the other end as well, and I absolutely adore it. It's great for that smokey eye look. I don't use this on the inside of my lids because it dries my eyes out so much, but I use it every day for the cat eye look!