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Would like it if I had drier skin.

The coverage is excellent, a little goes a long way, consistency is smooth, blendable and it does last for quite a while (not sure if it's 16hours). However, I have combination skin and not only my t-zone but also my cheeks which are usually normal to dry get quite shiny during the day. So.. I'd only use it when my skin is dry or if I use it with mattifying lotions. That being said, it photographs very well, strangely! Also, the price is brilliant, so I wouldn't rebuy but I'm not throwing mine out either. This product is best applied with a dense brush like the Sigmax brushes - sponges eat it up and you don't use enough to really use a duo-fiber brush with!

Won't be rebuying..

I think the major pro to this product is that it's cheap.. but I'd rather pay more for something of better quality when it comes to face products. It was very drying and the consistency wasn't very smooth. It doesn't have very good coverage and it didn't really keep me matte either. Also the lid of the packaging is very insecure and kinda just flops off sometimes. Wasn't happy, chucked it out after a month or two.

Love it - so natural!

I love this powder because firstly the packaging is very sleek. The product itself is really gentle to my skin, and it's not so full of coverage that it looks cakey or powdery. The only problem is that it is very delicate and I heard it is very easy to crack it, and I have loads of loose powder floating about after I swirl my brush in it - but everything else about it I absolutely love so I wont give up a star for that! I'm not quite sure if you couldn't find something like this in a drugstore.. but a part of me is like.. who cares?! :)

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