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Tara M.
Tickled Pink!

I use the Tickled Pink blush and it's absoluely adorable! Not to mention the amazing price. It adds the perfect amount of rosey pink to the apples of my cheeks and lasts for a long time. Can't wait to try the other colors!

Liliana M.

Woow!!! I love these blushes I own all of them and they are great for the price!! Very pigmented and wearable colors! candid coral is kind of sheer but i love it as a glow instead of a blush but overall these blushes are amazing and for 3 dollars common!!

Riley M.

This is a super pigmented blush, and for only 3.00 you really cant go wrong. However, these blushes do have a fair bit of glitter in them, which you cant really see in the pictures. It lasts a longtime (almost all day). I have this blush in Tickled Pink and Candid Coral, and Candid Coral give a very natural glow. Tickled Pink is more of a pink.

gee m.

Tickled Pink was not a good color for me at all. It looks nice in the packaging but it does not really show up on me and the little that does looks really ashy. It could be that I got an old blush to because when I would swatch the blush the color barely comes off on my finger. So not a winner for me.

Alondra T.

i find that these blushers make your pores more visible if you have largers pores, but on me the color showed up really good, there not too dark or too subtle , but for the price that it is i think its an overall really good buy i love this blush! <3

Sharmaine D.
affordable and goes on beautifully

For $3, this product is brilliant. It's pigmented and gives such a beautiful flush of colour to the face. It makes you look rosy, but not cakey. it gives u a really nice healthy glow to the skin and its not very shimmery so you can't overdo it. the only thing is though, you have to put a bit on to give you a more noticeable colour, but other than that, it's reallly great!

Zhen C.

It's a super affordable blush and it's smooth to apply on the cheeks. Gives a natural, healthy glow too. For the price, it's really all I can ask for. Big thumbs up! :D

Niamh D.
Love Love Love!

I am a HUGE fan of elf cosmetics and the studio blush is amazing. My favourite shade is Tickled Pink. It is such a nice colour and you can build up the colour for a more pinkier tone :) Very pigmented and a must have!

Gabbi D.
Pigmentation: There isn't any.

It just seems to be Tickled Pink that I have a problem with. I also have Candid Coral and it is pretty pigmented, but Tickled Pink is just.. hardly there. I like that it is more matte, but it's so sheer I have to pile layers and layers just so you can see it. Very disappointed with this blush...

Dani C.

I would say this is a solid blush. Awesome for the price though. I have Tickled Pink as well as Candid Coral. Love both colors! But, I must say that it does not last me through the day. I would say it wears off a 1/2 through the day. Thankfully it's small enough I can pop in my purse, but if you want something with staying power, I'd opt for something else. But the color is beautiful, finish is great, and I think it works on just about everyone. For $3 it's hard to argue with it!