Rimmel London

Glam Eyes Mascara

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Ashley H.
Really good!

I like this mascara, the brush really seperates lashes well and gives lashes volume but the mascara can flake abit and leave flakes of mascara around your eyes but overall i really like this mascara!

Kimberley L.
It's ok

I have had better mascara. I don't hate it and I don't love it. I love the packaging. The way it applies is ok, but I don't feel like it gives me any length or volume. It just darkens the lashes and pulls them out a little. I would not purchase this Rimmle Mascara again.

Yu A.
Didn't like the brush..

I love the packaging - it's so sleek and pretty. But the actual mascara isn't great. The formula is fine - it's average, but the brush ruins it, pretty much. It's very susceptible to clumping and I just didn't feel like it covered my lashes fully - only the bottom side where the brush actually touched. I threw it out, and haven't rebought since.