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Love it!

I would LOVE this product if I'd gotten the right colour. Tickled pink was a bit too light and blue-toned for me, and while I can pull it off it's not my taste specifically. However, I will give it 4.5 stars because it is so pigmented, the packaging is SO nice, and the colour range is very good. My only issue would be the staying power, but for £3.50 I can't really complain :)

Too wet!

I feel like this mascara is way over rated.. the brush is shaped in a strange way that kind of assumes that your middle lashes always protrudes to a certain angle compared to the rest.. so unless your lashes are shaped that way, you can't reach the corner lashes. And when you try to reach them, because of the strange shaped brush, it's really awkward and you get mascara everywhere. It's also too wet and clumpy, and doesn't hold curls at all.. I think it works very well for certain kinds of lashes, but it doesn't for me :/ I have quite short and straight lashes so.. maybe that's it.

My only gel liner :)

I can't really compare this to anything as it was my first ever gel liner, but I absolutely love it because it's smudgable if you do it during while it's drying but it's not so slow in drying that you have to wait forever. You can pretty much blink right away. It also stays for a very long time - not the whole day, but very very close, I just find it fades to a dark grey after maybe 5 or 6 hours :) I'm not sure if I'll rebuy though cuz I do want to try other ones! :)

So pigmented, so nice :)

I got this through a swap and I absolutely love it! The shimmers are so finely milled and covers my lips entirely, making it seem so pigmented. I love how I don't need a lipstick under it, I love easy-going products :) The smell bugged me cuz I couldn't tell what it was but it's marzipan I think!

Good product, but wrong colour..

The pigmentation is great, and the packaging is lovely, but I find it a little bit drying, but it helps the staying power so I don't mind it. However, a lot of people say Creme Cup is a neutral pink - I don't think so :/ It's a bit blue-toned for me so it's not the day-time go to pink that I wanted. However, I think it could be for NW people! But yes, I don't see the rave of Creemsheen finishes, I much prefer Lustres :)

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My New Go-To Blush

This is such a winter-y, feminine blush with the right amount of shimmer. You literally need 4 taps on the product and you are good for a very long time! So worth the money, and perfect on my NC30-35 ish skin :) Check out my swatches here

Money well spent! :)

This palette is a must-have for absolutely anyone. First of all, it's so usable, cheap, and it gives you so many matte colours which aren't the most popular in the drugstore, and I think a lot of people feel like MAC matte colours are a bit of a 'waste' because they seem to be nothing special. However, mattes are essential for classic eyes, and the no-make up look. I would recommend to anyone! Check out my blog for more details :) -

Not quite sure about the hype..

The hype was so big about this quad that I asked my friend in the States to send it over to England. And I like it, but I just didn't get the insane amount of hype. It gives the image of being a really elementary product because it tells you how to use each colour, and I have the image of all these 11 year olds running around with these lol. Also the colours I found to be a little bit too powdery for my liking. I also don't completely understand the logic of putting a completely matte colour with a crazy shimmer crease.. it may just be me! :) But if it wasn't for the instructions I'd have given it an extra .5 stars I think. I want to try the natural smokes one though, that one looks gooooood <3

Instant sophistication fix ;)

I fell in love with this perfume when my boyfriend took me to a perfume counter and simply said, "GO!" to try and decide what to get me for Christmas ;P Basically I love it because it is such a sophisticated and classy smell. It's not too sweet and not too harsh - it's inbetween, where I think most people can agree that it's quite a nice smell! :)

Soooo soft :)

This is my first kabuki brush, and I love love love it :) It's good for both putting on colour, blending, and taking off excess powder on your face (if your brush is clean!). It's so incredibly soft and it's only £5. However, I think you could get a kabuki brush for £5 elsewhere so the bargain factor isn't really working for ELF on this product.. that being said, I'd buy this just for the great reviews it gets over seeing a kabuki brush in a plastic case at a drugstore and I don't know what it feels like! So.. absolutely love this product, hope it lasts a while :)

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